CoJag Games Added to MAME

The new version of the MAME arcade emulator plays several popular games from the modern era (post-1995) of arcade gaming: Area 51, Cruis’n USA, Cruis’n World, Vicious Circle and Maximum Force. The catch? The Area 51, Vicious Circle and Maximum Force ROM files are over 520 megs each, and Cruis’n USA requires a 4Ghz+ CPU to run at full speed. (In other words, you’ll need a computer that runs at nearly twice the speed of today’s high-end desktop PCs.)


    What the heck kind of hardware is running in the Cruis’n USA cabinets? Is it just the limitations of the emulator that holds back the power of modern CPUs?

    Maybe it’s time to rewrite some of the MAME code to be more efficient.

    The Cruis’n USA arcade hardware wasn’t too impressive by today’s home console standards; it was essentially a souped-up prototype of the Nintendo 64. But keep in mind that MAME can’t run the games natively on Intel hardware. MAME has to completely emulate the CPU, video and sound hardware of the original arcade system, creating a virtual computer to run the software on.

    There may be ways to optimize for particular platforms (like coding in Assembler or adding 3D acceleration), but they’re not portable to other systems/OSes and often prove to be a shortsighted design decision.

    Be patient and the hardware will eventually catch up. When the MAME developers added support for Mortal Kombat in late 1998, it crawled on the Pentium II PCs of the time. A year and a half later, it ran fine on any Pentium III.

    A year and a half?! I want my free games now! 🙂

    (of course, who has a light gun or steering wheel/shift setup at home to even play these games?)

    Can any one please tell me how to install maximum force and area 51 into mame, where to put the filese and such, im having major problems with mame finding the child file

    please help!

    just email me and i give u a site that have the child file for area 51, Vicious Circle and Maximum Force if u know where the site to download Cruis’n USA, Cruis’n World

    All of these ROMs can be downloaded from the Usenet binary newsgroups, particularly alt.binaries.emulators.mame and alt.binaries.emulators.misc.

    I got vcircle & area51 to work but not maximum force why can’t I get it to work it says I’m missing the files but there there all in 1 huge zip file.

    i got vcircle chd but i don’t know how to make it work

    i tried following all suggestions

    (roms subdirectory called vcircle or put vcircle.chd in DIFF folder) but i always got the “vcircle.chd not found” error

    can someone help me?


    To use the CHD files you have to put them in a folder below the roms folder. You DO NOT put them in the ZIP.

    So for area51 you will have:




    This works. (I have this from the MAME page so you might considder reading the FAQ)

    All the CHD file will work. All you have to do is combine themwith the small zip file in the roms menu. Then unzipped the whole group as one inthier perspective folders ( i.e unzip maximum force in Mame32romsmaxforce and it will work. I have all of them except vicius circle.

    I have got killer instinct 1 and cannot get it to work please help. i have got the zip in roms folder and the 6 chd parts in kinst folder. there is also a zip (called kinst) that has a chd in it that when tried to move i get an instert disk 1 spanned zip or something.

    i have all the part but dont know how to make them into 1 chd. i also have winRar and winzip.


    please email me if u know – [email protected]

    easy part man, just put the chd image on a subfolder with same name


    yor normal zipped file is in the rom directory

    and the chd image in a subfolder

    got it!!


    ok, this ist it!!

    the subfolder called kinst has the chd image

    and the rom folder

    de zipped normal file


    ok, this is it!!

    the subfolder called kinst has the chd image

    and the roms folder

    de zipped normal file

    why not rewrite some of the mame code for super computers like for linux bewolf . Computer mother

    boards and cpu are getting so cheap it be worth

    the effort . Image setting up 8 1Ghz pcs for the

    use of those huge roms.

    ehmm, okey please explain, the kinst.chd i don’t understand it, can anyone please explain, step by step how to activate the chd, from 6 to 1 chd file…… i realy dont understand.

    yes, I have the same problem. I have I put it in “roms” folder, then created kinst2 subdirectory in roms, and put kinst2.chd there.

    I’m pretty sure this is what you guys have said to do. I’m absolutely sure it’s not working for me.

    What’s up?

    Can I download a CHD when I don’t have the possibility to install kazaa or else (f…… proxy)? If Yes, do you know a site where I can do it?

    Killer Instinct Help- You might want to try literally dragging a copy of the file into the emu program. Worked for me. I did have the KI 1 and 2 in the Rom folder as well. Also, try hitting the update roms button in your emu program. This recognized Vicious Circle and Wargods for me (though Wargods is running at a snail’s pace).

    HEY EVERYONE….I WAS JUST WONDERING…I D/Led THE KINST.ZIP FILE…THE ONLY PROBLEM IS THAT IT’S MISSING 2 FILES…. “Ki.img” and “u98-l15d”. Where can I find these 2 files???? Thanks for the help.

    I am trying to run Maximun Force and I get this error:

    maxforce.chd WRONG CHECKSUMS:

    EXPECTED: SHA1(59d77280afdb2d1f801ee81786aa7d3166ec2695) MD5(b0a214c7b3f8ba9d592396332fc974c9)

    FOUND: SHA1(0000000000000000000000000000000000000000) MD5(b0a214c7b3f8ba9d592396332fc974c9)


    please helpme

    PLEASE HELP ME, im trying to find the killer instinct chd file, i cannot find it anywhere, all i get is broken links.

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