October 2002 Dictionary Domains

I updated my Dictionary Domain page, which lists all the remaining available .com, .org and .net domains named after dictionary words.

Domain squatters seem to be releasing plenty of great .org domains. Browsing the list of domains released in the last three months, you can find some gems in the .org namespace (at the bottom of the list). Some that caught my eye: gummy.org, soapy.org (for a SOAP site?), taunt.org, betcha.org (Long Bets, maybe?), desist.org (a cease-and-desist watchdog site?), dimwit.org, redial.org, lowbrow.org, shuteye.org, and upcoming.org. Leave a comment if you register any of them.


    Damn, there are alot. prewar.org seems like someone could do something with it, there are some good .net ones too, yokel.net anyone?

    I registered hallucinogenic.org, hieroglyphic.org and disorganization.org. i think disorganization.org is a great domain name.

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