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For its high wax content, I recommend Jack Handey’s My Best List For 2001.

My Best List for 2001, by Jack Handey.

  • Best Planet: Earth.
  • Best Canyon: Grand Canyon.
  • Best Hawaiian Dance: The Hula.
  • Best Flat Italian Pie: Pizza.
  • Best God: God.
  • Best Vampire: Dracula.
  • Best Candy Lips: Wax Lips.
  • Best Bee Product: (tie) Wax and Honey.
  • Best Monster: (tie) Dracula and Wax Head.
  • Best Parrot Name: (tie) Polly and Waxy.
  • Best Suey: (tie) Chop Suey and Chop Suey with Wax.
  • Sexiest Actor: Wax Tom Cruise.
  • Best Whole Ball: Whole Ball of Wax.
  • Best Thing of Anything: A Bat Carrying a Block of Wax.

    Announcer: Jack Handey’s Best List for 2001 was made possible by generous contributions from: The National Wax Association and The Count and Countess Dracula Foundation.

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      Does anyone know how I can contact the Count (or the Countess, either one) they sound really neat!

      It’s not as funny as the time Lark Voorhies (who plays Lisa Turtle on SBTB) went out on a date with Dustin Diamond (who plays Screech) in episode # 34534 and HE DUMPED HER!

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