Under Construction

I miss “Under Construction” images, those hackneyed construction-themed graphics that seemed to be on every amateur webpage between 1994 and 1996. They were redundant (i.e. the entire Web is always under construction), ugly, and often animated. And then, somewhere around 1997, they went away.

Fortunately, it looks like a few die-hard “designers” are still pushing the envelope in Under Construction technology. For example, rendered animated GIFs and post-modern infographics. And if you can’t innovate, just super-size it! Like this Russian Greek collage, clip art carpenter, or yellow wallpaper.

And finally, a full screen Flash animation. What, no Under Construction Java applets or ActiveX controls?


    I red it as “geek collage” … arhh the comedy that dislexia injects into my everyday life. I did enjoy my recent missreading of the side of a passing white van of “Professional Shopfitters” as “Professional Shoplifters” 🙂

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