Andre Torrez Is Dying

Interview with Andre Torrez, nominee for the 2003 Most Humorous Weblog award:

waxpancake: Hey, Bloggie Boy.

waxpancake: Say something funny!

torrez: Um, I think I have crone's disease.

waxpancake: HAHAHAHAHAHA

torrez: :(

torrez: i can't poop anymore

waxpancake: HAHAHA

torrez: it's not funny

torrez: heh

waxpancake: You crack me up!

torrez: guess what I'm doing?

waxpancake: "crone's disease"!

waxpancake: I don't know, dying of constipation?

waxpancake: HAHAHA

waxpancake: Maybe your bowels will explode!

torrez: :(

torrez: it hurts


    Ugh. It’s Crohn’s disease. That’ll teach me to make fun of a disease that I will probably now die of.

    My mum has crohn’s disease.. it’s a horrible, horrible thing.

    Just popped by to say thanks Andy for the dictionary domains list – I registered after discovering it was available on your site. Cheers! 🙂

    two well-known musical singing type people have crohn’s disease: Anastacia, and Daryl Palumbo from the band Glassjaw. it’s something i would never wish on anyone.

    If that is supposed to be funny, then you should probably figure out how to spell it first you under intelligent piece of dung. I have CROHN’s, it’s more than you and your mother can handle. Also, before i was diagnosed i was a teacher in the martial arts and Im sure your career doesn’t involve being physically inclined to take care of yourself. I hope i never meet anyone who has the balls to make fun of the disease that is killing me to my face, because i will make my life last a lot longer than theirs. Thanks for the inspiration you idiots!

    Real funny, you asses! Why don’t you try not being able to sleep for WEEKS at a time because it hurts too much! Try losing blood every time you crap! Try being cut open and hacked at inside and then having to shit out a slit in your stomach into a bag for the rest of your life…and that’s to make you better!!! Sexy…

    Go to hell you stupid kids!

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