Eldred, Shared Culture Loses

Eric Eldred lost, and we all lose with him. This makes Mickey Mouse mad (90k JPG).

Note: The source image comes from issue #103 of Gold Key Mickey Mouse, a Disney comic book from October 1965. It was posted to Usenet in alt.binaries.pictures.comics.reposts: unavailable print media, scanned and permanently archived by and for comic book enthusiasts. And, thanks to our brutal copyright law, entirely illegal.

Update: The New York Times is publishing my cartoon in this Saturday’s “Arts & Ideas” section and the Boston Globe is running it in the “Ideas” section of their Sunday edition, along with (possibly) a brief interview. Hello, literate people of the East Coast!


    Good work, congratulations. That’s damn clever and makes a powerful statement in a simple way. Plus, (bonus) it made me laugh.

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