Mind-Control Weapons

Eleanor White wants to know, “Do you think you are targetted by neuro-electromagnetic technology?” For more evidence of this massive government conspiracy, don’t miss the sabotage photos. “The armpits and crotches of my clothing are frequent targets of perp saboteurs.”

If that’s not enough proof, her homepage provides more of her research into the MKULTRA and COINTELPRO thought-control experiments that have harassed innocent and involuntary citizens since the 1950s.

Thanks to the Internet, the truth can finally be told! (Thanks, lcbo.)


    “- Unknown liquid, turned out to be gasoline, ADDED to car’s gas tank”

    O…. m…. g…. it can’t be possible!!

    ..ok..i have seen it all. To think, she actually made a website with pictures. She most likely is experiencing a split personality where she does these things to herself….or, she has someone else living in the house that she is unaware of…maybe its jesus.

    This woman is obviously a very sick paranoid schizophrenic.. I could see how some people would find this funny but I just find it very sad.

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