Mat Honan Is A Badass

My friend Mat Honan and his wife Harper have been backpacking across Southeast Asia for the past five months. While staying in Laos, the country sandwiched between Cambodia and Vietnam, they contracted the dengue virus, or “break-bone fever.” His weblog entry is a gripping survival story.

I stayed home sick from work today with a head cold and sore throat; now I feel like a big sissy.


    I read your weblog about your trip. It was very interesting yet disturbing. I enjoyed hearing about your experiences and fun times that you had. All except for the Dengue part. I feel like I have learned something new today about something I could never have imagined….jungles, lifestyles in asia, beautiful sunset pictures, etc. I am glad you and your friends made it home ok. Im still laughing about the lady on the bus, spitting out the window. Geez, some peoples kids. 🙂

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