Defeating Scott Baio

The Google Dance has begun, and it looks like I finally overtook the Scott Baio fan club in a search for “baio.” Take that, Chachi! (If you still see the old results, try the Google Dance Tool to search all their servers.)

For all you Scott Baio fans ending up here, here’s a little something special for you. In the late 1980s, Chachi hosted a series of sex-ed videos targeted to pre-teen and teenagers. You can buy them online, and preview the video clips for each. That’s Edutainment!


    Those clips certainly weren’t very edutaining.

    Except maybe for that lady asking if the sperm could “crawl in.”

    Many congratulations on beating out the Chachi Menace, long a threat to humble Baios everywhere.

    I am pleased that I am the #1 result for American Gladiator, before actual American Gladiators. Hopefully they won’t find out and want to hit me with those stick things. Also, I barely beat out Giant South American Gladiator Frogs, which sound more than a little intimidating.

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