My Mom Gets a Blog

You know blogging has hit the big time when your mom starts a weblog. Unlike most new webloggers though, she’s already found a confident and compelling voice. Highly recommended, even though I’m a little biased.


    Heh! Pretty damn cool… my mother refuses to go near a computer after a small incident a few years ago where she somehow accessed top secret South African Defense Force files! I’m trying to convince her to use one of those e-mail appliances at the very least *sigh*

    Blogging mom’s are cool. My own mother’s been blogging (in Dutch at for well over a year now. Your mom has indeed a confident and pleasant writing style.

    I’d love to get my mom blogging. I’ve offered several times to get her setup, but it hasn’t happened yet. I would just find it facinating to read about what’s on her mind. Maybe someday.

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