Shock and Awe Spam

I just received an e-mail with the subject line “Shock and Awe.” Turns out, it’s unsolicited spam advertising a gross-out porn site called Spammers seem to be adjusting to wartime nicely.


    How funny. I received one with the subject “Suck Bush.” Like an idiot, I fell for it. Let’s just say it wasn’t about the president.

    I’ve probably been getting this sort of crap lately. I get all the other spam that goes around. Thank go for Mozilla’s new junk mail filtering!!

    I received one claiming to come from “ABC News” with the subject being “Breaking News: Saddam Captured”. Like your examples, it was a spam, this time for Anime & hentai porn. You gotta give ’em points for being clever.

    Well, on second thought, maybe not.

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