Half-Life 2

After debuting at E3 last week, Valve Software’s Half Life 2 is now the best-looking, most realistic, most highly anticipated game in the world. The lines were five hours long at E3, so I wasn’t able to witness the demonstration until yesterday. And after watching it, I’m in awe. I’ve never seen anything that comes close, and I’m giddy. I haven’t felt like this about a game since the first Quake was released. Needless to say, I’ll be in line to buy it on September 30.

If you have a high-bandwidth connection and have even a passing interest in games, you must download the 600MB Quicktime movie from Fileplanet, or possibly much faster by using BitTorrent. You’ll have to wait in an hour-long line, but it’s well worth it. If you’re on a dialup connection, you can read the play-by-play description of the movie on IGN. Go now.


    I downloaded all the movies from http://www.gamespot.com and I agree, it has to be the best looking game I’ve ever seen. Forget about Doom 3 and their incredible engine, the physics are just killer in this game. The facial animations, lighting and just all the little details make me giddy. The fact that glass can be used to actually magnify things is awesome, and the water…..

    *head explodes*

    man, i loved half-life. i played every expansion pack known to humanity, including the version where you play the game as barney. unfortunately, my PC is a Gettingit castoff, running at 400 MHz, while the game requires a minimum of 700MHz. grrr. i guess it is time to upgrade.

    i’m so gonna ask this for my b-day pres.

    but of course, after i get it, they’ll release super-platinum-crazy edition

    I was sold from minute one of play HL1. The begining ride on the tram, with the credits scrolling like it was a move…

    Then I touched the mouse and I moved. THAT got me excited. Looking around, watching other people work. The voice over the loud speaker talking about daily business of Black Mesa.

    I was in awe.

    Multiplayer was fun, if not a little agrivating from dieing so easy.

    Then the maps.

    Then the mods.

    …but I am sure I am preaching to the choir.

    I guess the one dissapointing thing was a full Team Fortress game never came out.

    A lot of games have utilized some of the planned ideas for it, but a lot of things I thought would be cool in a game of that type has not been used yet.


    Half life 2 is going to be the best selling game of the year. i cant wait for this cool kick ass game. half life is a cool game too. i have played lots of cool games but half life 2 is going to be my best game and counter strick rocks too.

    PS: i like hot girls

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