hey great site… i don’t think this is a real “documentary”… its clearly a “mocumentary” (you can tell from the obvious ‘sitcom’ dialog and the fact that at the end of the trailer it even says “staring:…” the names of a bunch of actors but nobody named “Maines”…

    pretty funny though… thanks for the link!


    I am a Maines, I am one of seven. I have three sisters and three brothers. Both of our parents are gone. Our Dad killed himself with a gun, and our Mom died of bad lungs from smoking for thirty some odd years. She died in 1999 and Dad died in 1962. His name was Malvin Maines, and Mom’s name was Marion Rager, Maines.

    I am the director/creator of “The Transfiguration of Harold Maines”. I would be happy to discuss this film and the ideas behind it if anyone is interested. Thank you to the host of this site for the link to our website.

    Jared W. Johnson

    We’ll definitely have to work on that. It could be like a Mario Bros. where you chase mushrooms around. Eat enough and you become a horse!

    What future projects can we expect from Midsummer movies? And what’s up with that lady up above? Does she think this is a genealogy site or is she connected with the movie somehow?

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