Piracy, Bad

From Alan Murray’s Capitol Reports column:

“The highlight of last night’s party was a spoof video by Rep. Mary Bono, wife of the late Sonny Bono, and Billy Tauzin, House Commerce Committee chairman, who said they were ‘auditioning’ for Hilary’s job. They sang an Eminem-style song called ‘Piracy, Bad.’ Tauzin said he liked to download Sonny and Cher songs; Bono said, ‘I like the royalties.'”

If anyone knows where to find a copy of this duet, please send it along. I have to hear it. I added the lyrics below.

July 30, 2003: The transcript of the entire video is online at the video production studio’s website.

The contents of the video are discussed in this Washington Post column

Tauzin introduces the song, which seems to be titled “Yo, We’re Politicians!,” by ad-libbing: “We know the House rules don’t allow us to apply for the job. But there’s nothing wrong with auditioning for it.” Then the duo raps their Rosen tribute to the tune of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”:

Who wants the job of Hilary Rosen?

How ’bout the dream team of Bono and Tauzin?

We heard the rumors goin’ around town.

That Mary and Billy could take Kazaa down.

We know your problems inside and out.

Burnin’ CDs. Ooooh. A very scary thought.

Piracy bad.

Piracy bad. Piracy bad. Piracy bad.

For a million a year, we’ll tell them punks

Steal our songs, you’ll break rock into chunks.

I love music, how ’bout Sonny and Cher?

I love royalties, so kids please be fair.

You still don’t think we’re the ones for the job?

Yo, we’re politicians. We were born to hobnob!

Piracy bad. Piracy bad. Piracy bad.

The music fades and the screen goes black. Then a message flashes: “WARNING. The pirating of this video is strictly prohibited by federal law.”


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