Shipping the Star Wars Kid's Presents

Well, my role in the Star Wars Kid saga is finally over. FedEx reports that Ghyslain’s iPod was delivered and signed for. (Here’s a photo of the iPod and a letter I wrote. Also included was a printout of everyone who donated.) The Canadian taxes have been billed to my newly-formed FedEx account, and the Futureshop gift certificates have been ordered.

Here’s the final breakdown. (All amounts are in U.S. dollars.) There was $3,254.09 donated, after refunds and Paypal fees (more info). After tax, the Apple 30GB iPod was $534.76. FedEx International shipping for the iPod was $83.37, and Canadian sales tax was $35.67. In all, $653.80 for the iPod, leaving $2600.29 in leftover donations. Using today’s exchange rate, this amounts to $3,610.50 in Canadian dollars. I bought eighteen $200 gift cards from Futureshop’s online store, and they’ll be shipped tomorrow via UPS. That leaves $7.56 in U.S. dollars, which I’ll likely spend on a couple pints of cold, delicious beer.

A huge thanks to everyone who donated. With luck, we’ll hear back from Ghyslain once the dust has settled.

In other Star Wars Kid news, there seems to be a growing movement to get Star Wars Kid into Episode III. There’s a popular petition started by Fred Quimby of, the best place to find SWK-related videos. Even the Lucasfilm crew supports the idea… reported that the official Lucasfilm webcam showed the Episode III makeup crew watching the Star Wars Kid video and holding up a sign saying, “Ghyslain 4 Episode 3.? C’est possible, non?”

July 17, 2003: Just when you thought it was over… Journalist Bruno Guglielminetti has learned that Ghyslain’s family has filed a lawsuit against four students and their parents. They’re seeking CN$225,000 in damages. Bruno will be interviewing the lawyer again tomorrow, which will be posted on the Radio Canada weblog. Here’s a new article from the Globe and Mail with tons of new information about the lawsuit and the kids who put the video online.


    Think of all those starving people who could have used the money.

    The ipod? Great. The extra money? Much better spent on other causes.

    We kept the donation tallies updated constantly, and people continued to donate money. Hell, tons of people wanted to donate even after the fundraiser ended. We’re honoring their wishes by giving the money to its intended recipient; anything else would be fraud.

    As with all twists of fate, we should expect this kid to rise much higher than most of us. It would only seem fair.

    We’re honoring their wishes by giving the money to its intended recipient; anything else would be fraud.

    Yes, I realize that. I just wish people were as generous with others as they were with this kid.

    I just wish people were as generous with others as they were with this kid.

    What makes you think they’re not?

    This is starting to sound Hornstine-esque. Lawsuit? Wasn’t Ghyslain the one who left the tape lying around in the first place?

    Regardless of his intentions I know that he has personally brought joy and laughter into the lives of me and my family. Long live the Star Wars Kid!!…and may the force be with him?

    I think is great, I would like that every teen do this kind of things, no fear to face the people. Star wars kid, do not fell bad, thousands of person thinks that you are right; definitively the force is with you. Congratulations.

    Only one question… What’s happend with the money? It’s givent to the kid? Thank’s!

    That’s too bad his parents are sueing. Kinda put a damper on the whole thing.

    His parents are sueing..after all you guys have done for him…damn thats whack

    Good Morning,

    I just read an article on the lawsuit in the Globe and did a search to figure out what all the fuss was about.

    I’m very impressed with what you’ve done, Andy. I’ve seen numerous comments trying to justify the abuse this young man has faced but none of it changes the fact that an innocent human being has been humiliated by the mean-spirited words and acts of people from the online community.

    When all is said and done it is our behaviour that should be insulted, not his, and I don’t think we could ever replace what we’ve taken away. I’m just glad that someone had the decency to try. That takes genuine class.

    Interesting the last pgh of the G&M article seems to suggest you guys were trying to keep the iPod for yourselves …

    “In the excerpts from Internet chats filed in court, the four appear to be plotting ways to get the gifts sent to another address so they can keep the iPod for themselves.”

    If this part isn’t based on anything you should contact the Globe and Mail and ask why you weren’t allowed to comment on such a negative representation of yourselves.

    “The four” refers to the four teens that took Ghyslain’s video and put it online. They apparently considered trying to trick me and Jish into shipping the presents to them, instead of Ghyslain.


    I think you are truly a wonderful person. Your kindness and empathy for the Star Wars kid is to be saluted. Your generous spirit will not go unnoticed in the whole scheme of the world. Those kids who posted the video will get theirs, they always do. Thanks for helping the SWK out. As a Canadian, I take my hat off to my American neighbour.

    Andy, I can truly appreciate what this kid has gone through, and what you’re doing for him. I have been an outcast my entire life, and I feel his pain… truly, there’s nothing worse for a person than having something private made public without permission. We teach our kids about adults online who are bad… whoever thought it’d be turned around so viciously. Those 4 kids will never feel bad about what they’ve done. They will spend time talking about how stupid we all are for giving it a second thought. Hopefully, the parents will take care of those dilusions so we don’t have to deal with the full-grown versions.

    Again, Andy, thanks for looking out for one of the “little guys”.

    I’m glad to hear how well this went! Thanks again Andy and Jish, for making your kind and thoughtful idea a reality.

    To those who criticize Ghyslain for taking legal action, consider: the suit is brought against people who have allegedly wronged him. The iPod and gift certificates were given to him by other people, people who like him, were entertained by him, empathize with him, etc. The gifts aren’t compensation for his injuries; they’re [presumably] not from the same people. Saying that he should throw out his case because we bought him an iPod is like saying the victim should forget about a mugging because a friend bought them an ice cream afterwards. That said, I have no idea about the merits of his case, which could be completely frivolous.

    I think the vids are great! Ghyslain could probably do the talk show circuit if he wanted to. It’d be a tough spot to be in, unintentioanlly famous, with some people ridiculing you, and others celebrating you. He’ll be ok if he can dwell on the positive side of this whole situation!

    I used to get picked on because I was a chubby geek with a unique fashion sense. Two bullies in particular made me hate life on a daily basis. One was a big tough skinhead and the other was what we lovingly refer to in the south as ‘white trash’. Later in my adult life I had the sweet mental revenge of crossing paths with both of them. The skinhead lives in a trailer and became a pathetic drunk. The other guy works for a day labor service and had all the outward appearances of a crack head. They both slitt live in the same backwater southern town that they used to ‘rule’. I am married to a beautiful woman and living on a tropical island in the Pacific. Take heart SWK… and to all the jocks, bullies, tough guys, and general assholes remember- the geek you laugh at today will most likely be the guy who signs your paycheck tomorrow.

    PS The parents should be slapped for blowing this all out of proportion with a lawsuit. They sound like a couple of… um… AMERICANS! (ispelledstillwrong-sorry)


    To me what he did was Wrong, he shouldnt have done it in the first place and should have been disciplined for the mis-use of the school video recorder.

    The 4 other kids also should be punished, but a Lawsuit???? that is just over reacting.

    I had heard today that poor Ghyslain has dropped out of school and is now under going therapy. I hope this is not true. I have to admit that I enjoyed the videos and laughed as I could remember being that young and wanting to be a Jedi. I would have done a video too if it was available. It is a sad day when someone (no matter what their age) can not let their imagination run wild and live out a bit of a fantasy. I hope the Ghyslain is able to overcome this and show those “four” that he is a better person after having lived through this. Good luck Ghyslain.

    What a dumb ^$$. He could have totally turned that around and milked it. The money that he could have made if he had capatalized on that fame would have blown that away. Claimed rights to the video and charged all these sites to have it or any version of it. The freakin t-shirts alone could make him a mint.

    Publicity for starwars, damn striaght! You know Lucas is a sucker for that kinda stuff. Hell, I can’t believe Comedy Central or haven’t tried to picked him up. Not to mention Letterman? Leno? Not only that, he would have gotten his 15 min and he would have been out of mind that much quicker. Probably could have gotten a simpathy grant or scholarship to a film school or something.

    I am telling you right now, Lucas, Speilberg and Gates ALL got made fun of in high school. MOST of us did! If he had half an idea of the kinda simpathy attention he is getting from the older college coed IT majors right now, he would be telling his psychologist to get bent. And there are some hot techie chicks out there now. You seen those girls on TechTV! I’ve seen the footage of those trade shows and I’ve walked into a few website offices. I am shocked at the talent floating around in those places.

    I have a friend that did a dumbass video of himself in a leopard bikini and cowboy hat on a skateboard got him on a freakin reality show (bluetorch tv – strange is good). Don’t get me wrong, media hype and reality tv are out of control but you might as well get while the gettin’s good.

    What a dumb ^$$. He doesn’t need a lawyer, he needs a publicist!

    I feel terrible for this poor guy. Lots of people have done things no worse at his age and he is really being made to suffer for it. Probably he’ll never be the same again. I think his parents are completely right to file a lawsuit against those other kids, who were just being cruel and unkind. They shouldn’t get away with that kind of attitude towards other people. I think it’s marvelous that people had the decency to donate money to buy Ghyslain some presents. Good work for organizing it!

    cflynn: Not everyone is after money, he’s a young kid, and was humiliated. And whether or not we all have been picked on is not the point, when was the last time a vidoe of you was sent around the internet?? (Or are you a pornstar?)… The fact of the matter is, he was picked on in school much worse AFTER the video was made “public”… MOst of his friendly support has just picked up recently.

    You obviously don’t understand how traumatic somthing like this can be to a young man (or anyone really). HE’s likly an introvert, to start, and they don’t handle publicity well. He may be cheering up now, since many have come forward to support him, like Andy & Co… He may look on this in a positive light some time down the road, but personally i think it’s a sin all the crap he’s gone through up to this point. I agree the videos are funny as hell, but the poor kid…

    Bravo, Andy. I’m glad someone had the decency to take the initiative to post this info on his site and to raise that money. Great that this kid is going to get more opportunities because of this too. The four who broadcast the tape over the Internet are bullies and losers in the fullest sense of the words. I think this incident will give hope to outcasts everywhere.

    It’s pretty cool that people donated this money to buy a “cheer-up” gift. I’d be completely stoked if an iPod landed on my doorstep… it’s a shame though, that SWK hasn’t the resiliency to weather the storm at this early stage. Let’s be honest, when he matures a little, and enters the upper echelons of the educational ladder, he’ll remember this whole rigmarole in a fond lightness. The dude is getting a lot of money, and a funky-ass present – this is going to make his day! So I hope he doesn’t wallow in self-pity for much longer and embraces the moniker; Star Wars Kid. Hell, if he’s a chance of landing a role, albeit minute, in Star Wars – that’s a lifetime ambition surely?

    werd up

    I realy feal sorry for this kid being so much like him (except for the starwars part), at least he had some fun, if this was me it probarbly would have killed me. If you are gonna dis someone dont dis this guy, it isn’t his fault he is like this. Good Luck SWK, I hope you become the best that you can be.

    Hay, can we now run another collection for his legal fees? Huh, can we, can we….

    That’s the trouble you see, start trying to cheer kids up with gifts and before you know it they want the whole goddam shop.

    So what the story with this legal suit he has launched?

    OH MY GOD !!!! Will you marry me Jedi Kid !!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Instead of viewing the whole thing as a negative, why doesnt he look at the positives. In just a few days hes one of the most famous kids on the planet, if i were him id have some 2004 star wars kid calenders produced and if he sells as many as there has been downloads of his nefarious antics he’ll be a millionaire…Id thank the 4 guys who has given him his fame, and play his cards right his fortune. Where can i buy my calender???

    Good luck dude and all the best

    *HE* hasn’t launched the suit; he’s too young to do that, and he’s currently in a psychiatric institution for an indefinite time anyway. His parents launched the suit.

    nice one Andy, excellent to see that there are some good people in the online world…

    detractors – get a life – but I suppose that you must have been one of the “cool” kids, eh?

    Personally, I’m glad to see that Ghyslain is suing the bastards whole stole his video. I argue that does not detract from the work of charity done by the host of this site in the least. Michaël Caron, François Labarre, Jérôme Laflamme and Jean-Michel Rheault should all be receiving flak from the Internet. They are bastards and I remember their kind in highschool quite well. If you read this story you’ll see what those SOBs have done. No remorse, just a lot of mallice. Then of course, they attempted to steal the gifts collected and prepared by our charitable friend Andrew here.

    Ghyslain had a reasonable expectation of privacy. If he had left the video out in the open, without any mechanism to prevent others from acquiring it, I would say this is simply freedom of speech at work (which is an absolutely critical right to make democracy possible). It would be his own fault and he would have no one to blame. However, the video was removed from his possession against his will from a locked storage container. Furthermore, they were placed on the Internet with malicious intent. The four didn’t put it online with hopes people would find it cheeky and fun. They did it because they hoped to provoke cruelty towards Ghyslain. That is what makes all of this utterly wrong. I hope everyone who faults Ghyslain’s family for pressing a lawsuit understands this. I also hope that everyone keeps that in mind before they continue to ridicule the poor kid.

    I am not trying to be righteous. I’ve seen the videos and I am amused by those with special effects that portray him in a positive light (such as the one where he is shown skillfully deflecting laser blasts). But all the defiling videos only add insult to great injury.

    Andrew, thanks for your efforts. I certainly hope it helps Ghyslain some. I have always been a computer geek and I always got lots of negative attention from bullies in school. Somehow, this act seems to melt a lot of that away. It shows people care. Can a late-comer to this fiasco still make a dontation? I feel it’s important that I make a show of support for one of my own kind.

    It’s not like anyone will remember who he is in six months’ time anyway. This is an internet meme, remember? I couldn’t pick him out of a line-up now.

    If people close to him are bullying him because of it, that’s bad but they could and would have done it anyway.

    Or am I just rationalising here?

    I cant say much cuz I know people related in the lawsuit but I can tell you that no one here knows the real story. 95% of whats in this thread is as far away from the reality as it can be. Unfortunately, I cant say more.

    Ive been collecting all of this kids videos for awhile and must admnit I found them quite amusing. In a world where lawsuits run rampant it is refreshing to see one that truely is deserved. I hope those little bastards pay every penny and long live the SWK!!1

    This whole thing has raised so many interesting and timely issues, privacy (particularly in regard to just about the only truly international and egalitarian media – the internet), the nature of fame, inspiration, co-operation among strangers as well as their cruelty.

    I remember reading one comment that someone thought that the mean comments stemmed from people remembering doing similar things in high school. I think it goes further than that. I still do stuff like this in the privacy of my own home and I’m supposedly well into yuppiedom. And I don’t think I’m on my own and I don’t think any of us should stop for a second or feel embarrassed about having our fun. Life would get boring. However, would any of us like our singing in the shower or our shampoo mohawk broadcast (without our permission) on the internet?

    Some clearly wrong things occurred here. The video was uploaded without Ghyslain’s permission. Wrong. People took shots at a total stranger expressing himslef for no better reason in most cases than jealousy, insecurity or just the fact that they can get away with it due to the ‘anonymity’ of the internet environment. Wrong. Small minds getting off on a minor power play. ‘I can see who he is but no one can identify me. I bear no real consequences.’ Very cowardly.

    Then some clearly good things came out of all this. You removed the nasty posts. Good. People co-operated (free of charge, donating their time) to create something fun and entertaining (and I mean entertaining in the best possible way here) in the form of more professional looking videos complete with special effects and soundtracks just ‘cos it was fun and they possessed the skill and technological know-how. Many people let Gyslain know that they enjoyed his video and identified with him. Gyslain, you inspired all this spontaneous co-operation and goodwill. Ghyslain, vous n’avez aucune raison de se sentir mal. Nous avons eu le plaisir de voir votre joie de vivre. Ne cesser pas de faire ces choses en prive.

    And to the nature of fame. Ghyslain found his fame, 15 minutes or otherwise, due to no actions on his own part and because of the ubiquity of the internet. This is one aspect. I think we can also look at it from another angle. If we compare the video before and after the effects were added, we can see the basic form that occurs in all creative processes. It begins with one ordinary person’s idea (a fight scene) and with each layer added on we can finally see a fun, polished, finished product. Movie stars and directors are no different from Ghyslian. Do you think they do things right the first time? As far as we know Ghyslian got only one take and did very well improvising off the top of his head. This is where people like Peter Jackson or George Lucas or the Wachowski brothers come from. I encourage all teenagers everywhere to keep this kind of stuff up. You are the next generation – just watch out who your friends are and who has access to your videotapes!!

    The idea of this kid — or his parents — winning a law suit over this is absurd. He has most likely benefited from this attention (obviously with monetary means). Anything I read about SWK is praise or good-natured ribbing. I’ve not seen a single thing where a person was being mean to the kid about it.

    Geeze. Anytime somebody wants to put some footage of me being a jackass up on the internet so that I can get an iPod and $2600.00, feel free to do so. Damn.

    I get why everybody donated — because we were all him at one point and we want him to know that we understand him. So now that he’s a bonafide Internet CelebrityTM, his parents are gonna sue?

    Total BS.

    I feel so sorry for the SWK. No matter what people think and say to try and justify what those kids did, it should be Ghyslain’s choice if he wants to put it out on the net or not. I really hope that his family wins the case.

    Personally, i find this story pretty cruel; do you imagine, you have already a poor esteem of yourself and all of a sudden, you become not only the “pain bearer” of a chosen few but also the mockery of many millions peoples, including all the students from your own school … That makes life unbereable and if it would have happened to me at 15, i think i would have done a major depress breakdown or threw myself from the highest spot available around. And more, who, during his youth, haven’t pretend at least once to be a mighty warrior infront of his mirror, a legendary wizard or something like this? it is just part of childhood and Ghislain’s only crime was to get some of these moments on a tape.

    if ever the kids who threw the tape on kazaa did that to hurt him, it is insanely evil… If they only did that because they were trying to send it to each other, it is insanely stupid and naive to think that no one else would catch it.

    Now, about the lawsuit, even if these kids intended to hurt Ghislain, i don’t think it is a good thing if they lose: let me explain:

    first, they are kid, so they probably can’t afford it, wich mean their parents could be forced to pay for it. Rare are the people having 200 000$ aside waiting comfortably in a bank account. DEstroying 4 familie’s life for a childhood stupidity isn’t a suitable solution. Revenge ain’t never a good way, despite all the rage that can boil inside so solve an unfair act. The kids, as a punition, should have something like 300 hours of communautary works or something like that, that seems a fair punishement to make them realize what they have done, but not to sue them for hundrend of thousand dollars, risking that way to ruin all their life.

    But you guys rock, what you have done to repair a little what people did to him is great. YOu’re amongest the few raisons why i do not totally hate human being. You showed great altruism and i hope that if you’re in a deep mess, there will be several people to lend you a helping hand.

    I’ve followed this, and I got tormented at school. I think that SWK/Ghyslain is managing to make himself more of a victim for financial gain, and frankly, I hope his family lose the case. IMO, the finished video made a fat and geeky kid ‘cool’ amongst people he should consider his peers; the generous donations should be appreciated. The four responsible for releasing the video should be expelled from school, not for releasing the video, but for continuing to be assholes by attempting to claim his gifts.

    Honestly, you turn on a video camera that is school property and mess around with a stick, what do you expect? He might as well have jumped on the dining table and yelled “I’m a target!”. The way it came out, if he had an ounce of intelligence, he could have turned his life around – stopped being the stupid fat kid, and instead been a geeky Jack Osbourne – famous and largely liked /despite/ his obvious failings, because he can deal with it, because he can be cool.

    Maybe it’s his parents behind the action, but either way, I have a lower opinion of him after seeing how he’s handled this.

    Songdog said it right.

    Too bad the Kid doesn’t see the opportunity this has provided him. He could easily become someone famous with some acting lessons and alot of creativity.

    “The hardest part is getting noticed.”

    A lawsuit? This world is purely sick. I have no idea why people sue eachother in situations like this or like the fat woman who sues Hostess cause she’s a fat frikken pig.

    People make me sad. People don’t own up to their own problems…”But, It wasn’t my fault.” How many times do we have to hear this?

    I really hope that something is done in our court system soon about these lame-ass lawsuits.

    If people can be sued over shit like this, I should be able to sue that dumb ass kid for making a video that made me piss my pants. The cleaning bill was 15 bucks.


    I’ve been following the SWK saga for a couple of months now, many of the videos are great. I love SWK 2.0, it makes him look graceful and skilled. Some of the other videos are also very entertaining, many are lame, and a few are just dumb (and frankly, insulting to Ghyslain).

    I have also read through all the replies posted here. It amazes me how many people seem to be missing the point, I think most of these people haven’t taken the time to read the GLOBE article which really sheds light on the whole situation.

    The video was stolen, not left out in the open, so however foolish we might think he is for videotaping himself to begin with (and I don’t think he’s foolish at all, I’ve made similar tapes that I never shared with anyone, and eventually erased, as I’m sure he would have), he was not so foolish as to leave the tape in the open.

    No matter how much money he’s getting and what a great gift an iPod is (and it really is a great gift), they could never make up for having to suffer the embarrassment of having everyone you see every day know about this embarrassing, would-be private moment… And kids in school are horrible, I can easily imagine the type of ridicule he’s had to face.

    It doesn’t surprise me a bit that he’s had to drop out of school. It doesn’t surprise me a bit that he’s had to get therapy. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if his family moved, and if he changed his name, got contact lenses, dyed his hair, and started at a new school, someplace where he could start over, anonymously. I have no doubt that he wishes he could do that right now.

    All these people posting saying things like “It’s not like anyone will remember who he is in six months’ time anyway” are looking at too big a picture. Sure, most of the world won’t remember, but most of the people he lives near, goes to school with… And most importantly, Ghyslain himself… They’re really the ones that matter. And they’ll remember.).

    And as far as saying that “Anytime somebody wants to put some footage of me being a jackass up on the internet so that I can get an iPod and $2600.00, feel free to do so”… Great. But he never asked to have his stuff posted. He wasn’t even told it was being posted. Imagine how he probably found out it was there to begin with, by kids teasing him about it at school. If you were put in his situation I’m sure you’d be happy to recieve the gifts. But it wouldn’t make up for it. Nothing can make up for the crap he’s had to endure.

    And good for you, Andy (and all who donated), hopefully the gifts he recieves will be a bright spot in this tragic part of his life, and not just a reminder of all the rottenness that’s come of it.

    My friend told me yesterday about SWK and I haven’t even seen the video yet. I’m excited to see it just because of all the fanfare everyone is giving it on this site and others. Who is this kid? I don’t care. He’s sueing who? I don’t care. The internet is there for my entertainment and if this kid’s tortured life is to be a part of it then so be it. He should’t have made a dorky video if he knew it was going to get out. His parents should sue each other to find out which gene his geekness came from.


    I think it is a really hard time for him to go over this. But to be honest, most of the kids were doing the same things he did. It’s a very good things that people have an imagination and without the imagination we can’t create something new. So don’t be feel down Ghyslan cause not just you are the one doing this, but i believed 90% of the kids are doing the same things you do. I also hope that 4 losers got what they deserve for what they did to you. Viva Ghyslan!!!

    Ryan. If your parents knew you were to be their offspring, they would have run screaming. People who take pleasure in other persons misfortunes do not even realize that they are the ones who need the help.

    Star wars kid is a master, he should never forget that, no matter how may people cuss him, he has entertained millions with his star wars impersonations, but he should do some more! I do feel sorry for him, as no doubt he gets bullied, but he should’nt listen to the bullies, he should start his own martial art, get loadsa money and point and laugh at everyone who cussed him

    There is much anger in you, grasshopper. Understandable it is.

    I hope things will work out fine for this kid, I really find his contribution to the world wide web interesting, amusing and quite honestly, fantastic. May the force be with you, Star Wars Kid.

    I’m glad his parents are filing a lawsuit.I don’t know the specifics of the case, but if it’s true that it caused him psychological damage then the bastards should be punished. Having said that, I hope that this won’t cause more problems for Ghyslain and prevent him from having a normal life. The whole debacle was just unfortunate and really nasty for him and introducing the lawsuit may just cause him more unnecessary suffering. Who would have thought that all this could stem from someone waving a stick around on video? I hate the internet.

    I WANT a SWK T-SHIRT!! Something like “SWK ROCKS!” Maybe it should be written out, otherwise people might think you were advertising “single white kinky”.

    lmao. I think SWK is brilliant. Though he may not have intended it, it is now everywhere. And i’m loving several of the well done edits.

    If that was me in that video, I would be killing myself and find it cool that others would bother to take the time to make something out of my pointless video ^^.

    He personally seems to have taken everything well so that’s a good thing, nice to see no anger against anyone who made a video.

    SWK really is cool. I mean, I had to laugh hard watching the videos. But part of it is really because it is so geeky and still represents mainstream thoughts and wishes of a teenager.

    It’s cool performance, too.

    The donation really made sense to at least compensate him a little bit… Good work there!

    Thanks for the link. From what I can make out in the translation, the writer states that I asked Brian Dube to create the first lightsaber remix video. Actually, his video was completed five days before I first mentioned the Star Wars Kid video on my site.

    Suing McDonald’s after you pour piping-hot coffee on your own lap? That’s stupid. Suing a car driver because you suffered imaginary whiplash in a minor fender bender? That’s ridiculous. Suing the parents of a few malicious kids for causing what may be a lifelong traumatic nightmare? Absolutely justified. May the Force be with you and your lawyer!

    When I heard what happened to this kid it really stuck one right through me. This before I even saw it. And when I did . . .Yeah, it’s funny, and yeah I laughed. But he’s just some kid who loves starwars, and what’s so wrong about that. He was probably having the time of his life, and the entire world turned him into a joke. Do you think he had it easy before all this? I seriously doubt it, he looks just like allot of the kids who got it bad when I was back in high school. And now it just ain’t happening there, its being sent out broad band so everybody can mock him. That really f*****G sucks. I understand everybody that said he wasn’t smart to videotape it, or whatever, and you may be right about that. But he didn’t deserve this all over one stupid tape. I hope this kid does get on the starwars set. I hope he gets to shake Lucas’s hand and hang out with him. He deserves to feel a little good after all this. We’ve all been this kid and one point or another. Star wars kid kicks a**!

    @Andy, regarding the Spiegel article:

    It’s a babelfish feature that makes it look like you asked Brian Dube to create the remix.

    “At the end of April mixed the software expert Bryan Dube after Baios instructions a new version[…]” should be “According to Baio, the software expert Bryan Dube mixed a new version at the end of April[…]”.

    @ Andy: CB is right — Babelfish should on no account be trusted, it twists everything. The Spiegel article reflects exactly what happened.

    Well I hope in the long run the kid will do ok in life and keeps that energy and love for fun in his heart forever, and maybe one day when he is older and has evolved into the more safisticated, selfrightouse, judgemental age of adult-hood he will remember what it was like being a kid free and full of life….

    His parents are typical minded adults who want to sue the pants off of anyone and everyone.. how sad..

    It was just plain mean.

    While the special effects made it really funny and surprisingly cool, the humiliation isn’t worth it.

    I cannot fathom the lack of conscience to crush someone like that.

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