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In the 1980s, I lived in a butt rock household. With my step-dad in a hair band and my mom managing several bands, my adolescence was spent in rehearsal studios and Sunset Strip nightclubs. I think this family photo sums it up nicely (that’s me on the right). The full story and many more photos are on my mom’s site, if you’re curious.

Hairspray, guitar solos, and spandex may be poised to make a comeback in the form of The Darkness, a new British band that’s #1 on the UK album charts for the past two weeks and the leading contender for the Mercury Prize. They remind me of equal parts Scorpions, Queen, and Spinal Tap, but you’ll have to decide for yourself whether they’re serious or not. I can’t tell.

Watch the video now: Windows Media or RealVideo.


    I think they’re very seriously not serious. I don’t really feel the Scorpions influence that you feel, but that’s okay. I still think you’re peachy.

    … I think there’s a distinctly Boston feel to the video (but not their sound). I’m with Shannon, they’re very serious about not being serious.

    The Darkness rules! I’ve got my tix for their October 5 concert at Solus. Yes, I think they are a “serious” band… but they temper their musical abilities with a dose of good humor. I’ve no doubt that their influence will reach the States in the very near future.

    The Darkness is Queen meets Spinal Tap. As for the photo, I’m proud to say, that’s us – just your average run-of-the-mill family!

    That was dead brilliant! I love this band now! That video is all about what makes music videos worth watching. I think that level of fun is seriously lacking in today’s music videos. And the music was pretty good too.

    They claim to be very non-ironic. They’re not at all in the arty Fischer-Spooner category. Like Andrew W.K. times ten. But it remains to be seen what it means to be this uber?

    The Darkness Rock, saying that there not, is like saying that Queen and Spinal Tap are Rubbish, which definateley says something!! I can’t wait for them to play later on this year in Manchester, it will be a sell out. As for their song ‘Get your hands of my women’ is just sweet, just as the video and sounds to ‘I believe in a thing called love’. Dave from Manchester, England.

    I cant decide if they are taking the piss or not but still makes for good listening. The lead singers voice on I believe in a thing called Love is a bit mad, and with his teeth it makes for a winning combination.

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