Upcoming.org Launch!

My new site has launched! Upcoming.org is a collaborative event calendar, where anyone can add the music/sports/arts/film/drama events they’re going to, find out who’s going to the same events, and browse the event listings of other people with similar tastes. After adding events to your list, you can use the generated RSS feeds to list them on your own weblog. By adding people to your friends list, you can track your friend’s events as they add them (also available via RSS).

Along with a group of about 20 friends, I’ve been using the site to manage my concerts and find new concerts for the last couple weeks. The feedback has been very positive… Sign up, add an event or two, and let me know what you think!

And if you’re in the Los Angeles area, come out tonight for drinks to celebrate.

Update: Matt posted a glowing review, and Andre talks about why Upcoming is not Friendster. Also: Many to Many.


    Hey man, cool site. Since I’m a validation nazi, I should point out that you didn’t close your style sheet links and there’s no alt text on your logo. Other than that, I’ll have to try out more features before I can do any more bitching. =-)

    Upcoming.org is a dream come true for me. I’m a huge concert nut, and this helps out keeping people informed of what’s going on immensly. Props to ya, bro. Yer my hero.

    Tim, you’re not the only one in Phoenix, now. 🙂

    And Andy, are you using the GettingIt boxes on that site? You know you’re good when you start ripping yourself off… 😉

    Congrats, Andy! I signed up, but I am instantly depressed by how many cool things are happening in L.A. that I’m not attending. Man am I lame, and now I have independent confirmation of that from your website. Thanks a lot!

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