Bloggers Volume 1

A couple weeks ago, I ordered a Japanese magazine called Bloggers Volume 1 from I just received my copy in the mail, and it’s even neater than it looks. The interviews with Ben and Mena Trott, Anil Dash, Howard Rheingold and Joi Ito are in full color, and there are in-depth reviews of Typepad, Blosxom, RSS readers, and more. Of course, I can’t understand a single word, which makes it even more exotic.

I scanned in the cover and the first six pages, which is an interview with Ben, Mena, and Anil. Enjoy.



    Finally, Ben, Anil and Mena get their own much-deserved anime comic…

    Blogger kitty-girl loves American TrackBack New York Rock-and-Roll Kottke-time oh!!!!

    Thank you for ordering.

    I surprised the order from other country.

    Please buy at KINOKUNI-YA in SHINJUKU TOKYO 😉

    sometimes it’s better not knowing what the text says. i see it as ben vs. mena at the science fair with their teacher, anil, declaring mena the winner.

    I translated the customer reviews below.

    However I think it’s not so essential comment

    that fall short of your expectations.

    But I also think this book is a good help

    for Japanese Blogger(or Networker) gain

    interest and understanding in blog.

    Title:You can read many talks of the celebrities of a Blog community

    Reviewer: takezoo (Hyogo Prefecture,Japan)

    This book is one of the best introduction books

    when you’d like to begin Blogging.

    If you were frustrated in installation difficulty

    of MovableType,you can begin blog by reading the

    section of how to install TypePad.

    Moreover,many talks of the celebrities of a Blog

    community are published,so we can see their figure.

    Although technical terms description is given

    by page,I need to attach a glossary

    to the end of a book.

    This book is Vol.1,so I rate 4 stars with

    expectation of vol.2.

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