Self-Publicity Roundup

Jesper interviewed me for his excellent Under the Iron interview series, along with two new interviews with Feedster’s Scott Johnson, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber, and the always great Jeffrey Zeldman. Not sure how I ended up in such great company, but it’s flattering.

In other self-publicity news, I mentioned in the sidebar that an article/interview about was in the New York Times last week. Strangely, that was my fourth appearance in the NYT this year, all for completely different reasons. The others were January 18 (Mickey Mouse/Eldred), January 30 (Lost Friends), and May 19 (Star Wars Kid). Can you still be considered a media whore if they contact you?


    Never be shy about publicity – the interview is great (I’ve thought about doing just such a thing several times). It’s always interesting to compare the persona derived from an interview to the persona derived from someone’s blog/website, how they compare.

    See, now I could call MY mom a whore, too. Some people just can’t get away with that. We’re cooler than they are.

    Or maybe our moms are just cooler.

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