Bandwidth Blown!

With my current host, I have a one terabyte bandwidth quota. That should be enough for most anyone, but apparently not for me:


With less than two hours to go before my October monthly limit is reset, I’ve used 995 of my 1000 GB. (A disturbing 262GB of that was the Tony Hawk/Star Wars Kid video.)


    Hmm, if I had more spare, I’d love to help out… my 10gb a month would probably get eaten in an instant 😀

    Good question. I looked at the stats, and it’s consistently averaging about a gig of inbound traffic every day… I’m guessing it’s mostly spam and virus attachments sent to my mail server.

    Mike S… the only place I’ve ever found to offer such large bandwidth is ev1servers. Their dedicated host packages usually have 1TB of bandwidth. I know that houses (and other high traffic sites), which is one major reason why I signed up with them — 1TB of bandwidth, reliable service, etc. (I’m not employed by ev1servers, just a satisfied customer.)

    I need to get myself some of that 1TB/month loving. I’m stuck with 10GB and whatever I can squeeze through an already crowded T1 elsewhere. Is ev1 the place where this site is hosted?

    Bandwidth mania!

    I don’t know if anyone else said this yet, but thanks for putting some much stuff up and making so much available. I’m sure I speak for others when I say how much I appreciate your posts and links. has definitely become a major meme engine. Well done and keep up the good work.

    AIT offers root servers with 1000GB (doesn’t it sound BIGGAR?!) for $39.95/mo. I mean, those are Celerons, but you can bump up to a P4 with more stuffs for $69.95. You people pay too much. 😛

    I use for my hosting and I get 1TB a month, but of course I am also paying almost $300 per month…I get a beautiful server out of it though. Still, the terabyte doesn’t go nearly as far as I expected it to. I started mirroring some of the sites I found on here (like the music ones and the crossfire video) and it got up to 600GB in half a month. Of course, downloads dropped quickly after the initial surge.

    The amount of spam that you’re getting is insane (if even half of the 30GB is spam). You’re providing a great service here and I want to tell you that this site is great. Much appreciated.

    Keep up the momentum. Just a question, what’s the overage rate?

    Don’t know where it’s hosted, but chews through a huge amount of TBs a month… How do you find out?

    My site is hosted on Theplanet, and recently they have been totally useless, with much less than 70% uptime, losing mySQL dbs and generally making my forums an unhappy place. Not recommended.

    Did a search on WHT. The catch w/ AIT is that it sucks, so much so that there’s an domain up there. They apparently never stop charging you’re credit card (!!!)

    My experiences:

    EV1 – great bandwidth, responsive tickets. I cancelled w/ them originally b/c of the SCO thing, but their instant provisioning is pretty awe-inspiring if you need overflow bandwidth. Extra boxes come up in about 20s. – 1.0TB/mo

    ServerMatrix – my current primary host. They also have stupendous bandwidth. I’ve hit 80Mbps on my box. They set up Debian on it w/ XFS according to my partitionmap, and my machine’s been up for 231 days now. So yeah, you can say that I’ve been really happy there. – 1.2TB/mo

    800 Hosting – data center in Dallas Infomart. Just picked up a machine there and they’ve been responsive although right now I’m stuck on a 100MBps switch so their performance has been less than impress. They’ve said they’re replacing that w/ a GigE connection, so we’ll see how that works out next week. – 1.8TB (but my current server would be hard pressed to phsyically push that much)

    Still in business but TEH SUCK, stay away: VRT Servers

    I’ve yet to try ($60 might be worth a shot despite mixed reviews), and I should try Superb Servers and ServInt sometime, as both get glowing reviews generally. Here’s a recent review thread at WHT:

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