Eliot's Previously Owned Vessels

This morning, Eliot was constantly flailing his arms around while lying in his playpen. It reminded me of Stan, the used-boat salesman from the Secret of Monkey Island:

Yeah, I’m a geek.


    real quick anyone know a site where i could d/l the game i remember it and the second one being packaged with a promo deal for pc gamer im sure they cant be that hard to find tried p2p and got nothin’ thx

    Matt, you could try a site called The Underdogs (I won’t post a link, it might be considered dodgy).

    Haha, God I love Monkey. SCUMM was the best thing my 386 ever saw.

    “Guybrush Threepwood? What kind of name is that?”

    “Well what’s your name?”

    “Mancomb Seepgood.”

    I’m pretty sure it’s not a sombrero. Looks like a tri-cornered hat thems used to wear back in the ancient times of pirates and ninjas and whatnot.

    Awww this totally cracked me up (and wouldn’t have, as much, four months ago). I know exactly what you mean! (OK, I’m a little behind on reading here, but y’know I’ve got a lot of arm flailing to keep up with.)

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