Must be something special to spend your first Christmas with your kid, he’s real a cutey.

    Funnily enough the last starfighter was on tv just the other day, I have fond memories of that film and still enjoyed watching it even after all these years.


    If ya can’t break a rule for a baby, then the world is a sad place. Cute baby. Don’t forget, they seem to grow up all too fast.

    Last week my son was a baby, now he is working on his Eagle Scout project.

    Where did the time go. All I can say, is that I am so glad that I took a down size offer and spent the last 7 years as Mr. Mom.

    I just ran across your website today, and I saw the entry titled, “Eliot’s first Christmas”. I thought it odd because this was my son’s first Christmas also. His name is also Eliot. And it’s also spelled with one “L” and one “T”. Why do people think it’s spelled funny? I get that all the time! I think mine is older, though, he’s 11 months. Your Eliot is very cute! LOVE the hat!

    my boyfriend and I have affectionately called Eliot “the water baby,” ever since we saw my uncle Gene dancing with the baby at his wedding. Too cute.

    Breaking the first rule?…That does it, I’m never coming back to this site. (I’ll just have to find another site that gives me cool links like the soundtrack from the The Last Starfighter, The Musical.)


    The baby is adorable, I am almost a step mom and it was my little guys first christmas too, Unfortunately I couldn’t be there for it seeing as how I haven’t managed to move to New York Yet. I love the name you picked out very sweet. Hope all is well and that all continues to go well in the New year.

    I never thought I’d be the type of dad to shove pictures of his children in people’s faces, but now I do so at every opportunity. Lack of sleep changes you somehow.

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