Waxy Links Statistics

Occasionally, I get people asking me how I find good Waxy Links… Well, since MovableType stores everything in MySQL, it was simple to write a few queries to crunch my statistics.

So, here are some Waxy Links statistics, with a breakdown of my top 100 sources since I started including “via” source attribution in March 2004. Note that I’m grouping my top-level domain, which explains why Del.icio.us is firmly on top. (The Del.icio.us homepage, individual Inboxes, and Most Popular page all get lumped together into one record.)

Not surprisingly, this is a representative list of many of my favorite weblogs. Lots of great underdog bloggers in here, like Simon Carless (listed as “mono211.com”), Jason Cosper, Nelson Minar, Brett O’Connor’s Negatendo, Phillip Lennsen, and many more.

I’ve also included a breakdown of link activity over time, the busiest link days of all-time, and my link history by weekday. It looks like I peaked last summer, with a record total of 37 links in a single day! My posting activity slowed a bit during the fall and winter as deadlines at work started picking up. Not surprisingly, Mondays are the busiest days, but I was surprised to see links slow down throughout the rest of the week.

There are some main Waxy.org stats, as well. The most-commented entries, my complete posting history by month, and spam comment denials from MT-Blacklist.


    Actually, it seems to me that most of the things you end up linking here originate from FxxxPxxx, (hi, waxpancake). But I guess it’s kind of hard to include that as a source, because, well, you know.

    I may have already said too much!

    Some of my links come from “The Site Who Will Not be Named,” but I don’t credit it because it’s a private community. Also, a good number of my uncredited links come from Sensible Erection, but I generally don’t link them because it’s very rarely safe for work.

    Full disclosure: Eric V. is my roommate. I didn’t coerce him into mentioning that URL. In fact, I’m a bit embarrassed that he did. If anyone is at all interested, I just posted the source for the graph maker at http://weblog.brettdaniel.com/graphsource.php. It’s not quite as cool as those Flash-based graphs that floated around a while back, but it works.

    #69! Yeah! (pumps fist)

    Seriously, some nice finds and sites in there Andy. Thanks for the info/stats/surfing material.

    Woo, now I need a shirt or button or tattoo to indicate my 1337 membership in the “Andy Baio Top 100”.

    I may have already said too much!

    Yes, comrade. Please turn in your blue and orange identity card and report for re-education.

    Over time, the categories became more and more meaningless. At some point, I might implement a tagging system instead of a rigid taxomony.

    Hey. My professor has assigned us to read your site. I am not sure what I am suppose to be lookin for. What is your site about? I apologize, no insult is intended. I am just a little clueless when it comes to the web.

    Generally, I write about technology, digital media, copyright, and web culture. You should e-mail or IM me for details. What class is it for?

    I’ve been reading “Waxy links” since you started doing it — thanks for countless hours of top entertainment!

    I was just wondering how long it’s going to be marked as “NEW!”?

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