ETech 2005

Next week, I’ll be at the Emerging Technology conference in San Diego. I don’t usually go to conferences (too expensive, and I’m too cheap), but I was offered a free guest pass by Cory Doctorow. Humbled and honored in a very big way.

Many people I know opted to attend SXSW Interactive this year, but the SXSW panels seem to cover well-trod territory (e.g. blogging as journalism, commercial blogging, CSS hacks, online community, moblogging, podcasts, etc). Despite the great people in Austin, I think the better presentations will be in San Diego.

Looking at the list of sessions, I’m absolutely giddy. The creators and founders of amazing web applications like Flickr, 43 Things,, Wikipedia, Typepad, Bloglines and Basecamp will all be talking about their experiences, as well as inspiring folks like Cory, Larry Lessig, Chris Anderson, Ev Williams, Merlin Mann, Danny O’Brien, and James Surowiecki.

Anyway, I can’t wait. If you’re attending ETech, be sure to find me and say hello.


    This is my first time, too… I was invited to both Foo Camp events at the O’Reilly headquarters, and although there’s a lot of overlap between the attendees, the structure of Etech is much more formal than the ad-hoc talks at Foo. It should be enlightening.

    wow. that does sound like a fun list. hopfully when I get out of college I’ll have the money for these things as well! Have fun and take lots of pictures.

    it’d be nice if they webcasted some of it. a quick over view of the site didn’t make it obvious if they would or not.

    I’m over in Del Mar / Solana Beach for the same time. Ya’ll come over and hang out with some Southerners at Chief’s. LOL

    Would have been cool to have you in Austin… good luck at the emerging tech conference. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

    Was lovely to see you there (and to see Erik – however briefly). If you’re ever in London and need a place to crash, then my sofa is yours. Hope you had a good time…

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