Happy Birthday, Eliot!

My baby boy turns one year old today. Wow, what a difference a year makes:

Happy birthday, Eliot!


    [Me reaching out my finger and pointing at the screen]: El-i-ot? Friend.


    My nephews 1st was a few months ago. Just wait until they start learning phrases that you don’t remember teaching them.

    Excellent second pic. My second nephew was born on Monday, my first nephew will be a year old in about 2 months.

    Congrats! And just wait, pretty soon you’ll have a 14 yr old soon to be graduating 8th grade and wondering where all the years went by!

    He’s a cute kid, and has a bunch of hair.

    My son is 7 1/2 months and barely has any. In fact, Elliot had more hair when he was born than my son has now.

    I’m expecting my first in a couple of weeks. Its amazing what 1 year will do. I’m looking forward to it.

    As someone has said, “Babies are a great way to make people.” Congratulations! He’s awesome!

    Oh my god

    Cutest! Baby! Ever!

    If he ever disappears,know that we’re safe and happy together in South America somewhere.

    Congratulations! My second son was just born the day before! June 8th at 4:25pm. 3 weeks early. The roller coaster just got a little wilder.

    That there is a REALLY FRICKIN CUTE baby. This comes from someone who believes in ugly babies.

    Hahaha I see your son is also a member of the way too much wacky hair club. I think it gives him super powers or something.


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