House of Cosbys, You See

I know it’s strange to break a two-month silence for something like this, but I don’t care. This is my blog, dammit, and I’ll rant about six-month-old memes if I want.

For the last few weeks at work, we’ve been obsessed with House of Cosbys. So obsessed that other departments are starting to worry about us; it’s consuming our lives. I first linked to it back in March, long before the recent legal threats from Cosby himself, so I don’t know why it’s taken this long to infiltrate our brains. (I suspect one too many late nights on a recent deadline is ultimately to blame.)

But it has, so I want to share some Cosbyana for other potential Cosby-heads out there. If you haven’t seen the first episode, watch the high-res House of Cosbys pilot before proceeding.

To kick off Cosby Fest 2005, I’m hosting the entire Bill Cosby Talks To Kids About Drugs album from 1971. Don’t miss “Dope Pusher,” a song about hard drugs sung/screamed by Cosby and a choir of kids, backed by some serious funk. Download it now.

I’m Web-Surfing Cosby, You See

  • Outtakes from the Curiosity Cosby recording sessions
  • Amazing Cosby Team Triosby fan art one and two, from Episode 3
  • House of Cosbys exit theme song MP3s
  • Listen Up Theo, a not-safe-for-work House of Cosbys music video
  • Cosby Core tattoo
  • Cosby stencils and graffiti (and more) on Flickr
  • Cosby Show Season 1 was just released on DVD
  • Little Rascals/Bill Cosby urban legend on Snopes
  • The Bill Cosby Fun Game, Cosby goes on a murderous rampage
  • The Pac Man and Cosby Show, a comic apparently made by a blind man using MS Paint
  • Dear God, this has to stop now.


      “Obsessed” doesn’t begin to cover it. I work with Andy and he’s completely out of control. An intervention is called for.

      A member of Andy’s team quit last week, and while he had a lot of polite reasons why he was moving on, my suspicion is that the last straw was Andy coming up to him and saying, “Y’see, Rudy, we’ve got to… ALLOW… fractional percentage portfolio mixes, y’see. Theo!”

      Dude, this is absolutely the best reason to return to blogging. I applaud your enthusiasm and your generous application of bandwidth to this exceedingly worthy cause. As such, for your trouble, I offer you this fresh Jello pudding pop, you see.

      I did a bit of work for a company who released the “ultimate” Fat Albert collection on DVD. I had to wade through 440 minutes of Cosby homilies and songs about the dangers of smoking.

      It was both a horrible nightmare and also kind of wonderful.

      Andy, I’ve never commented on anythign you’ve done before, mostly because I still wotk on WinME. So, my life sucks. But this was worth it.

      Now, find some more albums with the Cos singing and this will all be worth while. Check for “Hikky-Burr” and “Little Ol’ Man”. Trust me…Your Cosby obession will be sedated afterwards.

      All that stuff is pretty funny. But does no one remember the horrible game show Bill Cosby hosted? I only remember it because my dad once was a contestant on it, but the little I do remember was it being incredibly lame.

      At a friend’s house when I was a kid, we would listen to a Cosby album titled “Why is there air?” That thing cracked me up every time.

      I think the House of Cosbys has been my all time favorite post of yours way back when. I still get voice messages from friends informing me that they “are going to poop and peeeeeee” in their pants.

      What I’d like is the mp3 of the main theme song to rock out to . . .

      But thank you for all the delicious Cosby linkage. Too bad the House of Cosbys had such a short run. Still, it will live forever, Rudy.

      Thank you sooooo much for this! I bumped into this on boingboing, but I’ll be coming back. This is so awesome.

      Between a busy work schedule, side projects, and my one-year old son, I just haven’t had much time for it. I maintain my links regularly, but that’s mostly just an offshoot of my own web exploration.

      How can I “post” the mp3 of “Silver Throat”? Somewhere in the collection of vinyl “8:15/12:15”

      is hiding. If found it will be ripped to mp3..


      I applaud your diligence in research! Genius like House of Cosby’s doesn’t come along often and I think it is imperative to preserve the idea and spread the memes as much as we a mere mortals can. We cannot afford to let the bastardly attack dogs that lawyers have become, to win every senseless battle against independent artists!

      I want my HOC 5 or its zerberts for all of you who deny me and my kin!!!

      I´m from mexico city, and i saw the cosby show a couple of times, on cable of course, at a friend´s place. Bill cosby annoyed me. That cartoon made cough real bad cuz i laughed as i was smoking my bizilionth cigarette of the day.

      I downloaded episode I ages ago and I show it to whoever will let me. That thing cracks me up every.time. At a party a few months back, no lie, I made an entire living room full of people sit through all four episodes online. I keep meaning to grab them all but it sounds like I’m too late. I’m so bummed now. I for one don’t see anything remotely obsessive about your Cosby mania.

      I thought I kept pretty well in-touch with the wierd internet memes, but I completely missed this one. Thanks for putting out there. I passed it on to all my friends and now we do horrible Cosby impressions whenever we talk to each other.

      I just wanted to let you know that if you need a place to host old Cosby albums or shows, our BitTorrent tracker would be an appropriate place for them. No registration required, no ratios, totally open, but uploaded torrents do get approved before they appear on the site. We like weird old stuff, and we have a lot of it.

      what happened to the downloads on 101???

      i can’t seem to show anyone anymore…

      yah see. if you got em, post em and say where here.

      House of Cosby is funny…Im really dissapointed that they had to cancel the show due to Bill Cosby’s letter….You should put a log showing what would of happened in upcoming episodes like the “birth of super Cosby”….it got interesting…..but oh well..Bill Cosby may stop “House of Cosbys” from showing but he will never stop it from being all over the internet…hehe

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