Upcoming.org Badges

We added badges over at Upcoming.org! This is something I’ve wanted to do since the site launched, but didn’t have the time or resources to pull off until now. Read more about the change, along with Gordon’s formal introduction to the community.

Neat, huh?


    very neat.

    (however, this blog entry looks strange in bloglines since it’s not rendering the badge, just:

    “Upcoming.org Events

    More of waxpancake’s events”)

    Yeah, totally neat!

    I was using a script to render my Upcoming RSS feed on my page, but I never quite got aronud to finishing it up. I suppose now I don’t ahve to.

    Not sure if you were aware: upcoming.org is mentioned (only once, very briefly) in one of Robert Scoble’s Channel Nine videos. Its the one about MS Virtual Earth at about minute 27 and change.

    Second point re: linkblog. I love the Gilette Razor article. The Onion even predicted the double lotion strips.

    Very nice Andy. I am excited to add it to my page.

    I have alwys found others upcoming lists to be helpful.

    This will be an immensly positive developement for upcoming.org.

    very neat indeed. this is one of the best ideas I’ve seen about *music networking*

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