Star Wars Kid, Redux

If you’re going to videotape your Star Wars fighting skills on a school camera, remember to remove the cassette when you’re done. Watch this embarrassingly good video.

(Some context may be necessary.)


    I love it. The same zest as the original, but now with a better GUI and more data-destroying potential.

    Ok that is just stupid ok and what is he doing ok this is VEREY VEREY VEREY STUPID!!!!!!!! ok buh-byes and so long

    What the hell? Is this an ad for how tough the ibook is, or is this somebody that has kidnapped an ibook and showing it being abused?!?!?!

    So, in memory of a fallen former cow-orker, I’m featuring the links blog as one of our top picks this week (not like you need the recognition from me, or anything, but still).

    Anyway, Bob (that being his name) really liked the original SW kid video, so I thought that posting a comment to this followup entry was kind of fitting.

    Thanks — Joe

    how is ghyslain?

    did u ever find out what he did with the money?

    i love him even tho i dont know him, i would love to have a chat with him sometime even though he is 30 something! lol i know i’m strange

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