Brent Spiner's Ol' Yellow Eyes is Back

I was writing a long, interesting article about the Microsoft and Yahoo! merger, with several interviews from insiders at both companies, but I’m already sick to death of hearing about it. So I quit! Instead, here’s Brent “Data” Spiner’s rare 1991 album, “Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back.”

Don’t miss “It’s a Sin (To Tell A Lie),” with background vocals by The Sunspots — Jonathan “Riker” Frakes, Michael “Worf” Dorn, LeVar “Reading Rainbow” Burton, and Patrick “I’ve Seen Everything” Stewart.

Brent Spiner – Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back (1991)

1. Time After Time

2. The Very Thought of You

3. More Than You Know

4. Toot Toot Tootsie

5. Embraceable You

6. It’s a Sin (To Tell a Lie)

7. Long, Long Time

8. Carolina in the Morning

9. Marie (Randy Newman cover)

10. Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart

11. When I Fall in Love

12. Goodnight, Sweetheart

This album is extremely rare, and I believe this is the first time the MP3s have ever been publicly available on the Web. (I don’t even see it on the torrent trackers.) The cheapest copy of the CD on Amazon is $89.99, but you can generally find it on eBay in the $40-50 range. Since the album’s out of print, I hope Brent won’t mind that I’m releasing it here.

February 7 Update: Less than a week ago, a couple days before this post, Brent Spiner launched his new personal site and released a video on YouTube about his long-awaited concept album, Dreamland. Inspired by Broadway musicals and old-fashioned radio shows, the album is available for pre-order on Brent’s site. Did I mention it features the voice acting of Mark Hamill?


    Ha! You sent me these mp3s a few years ago, and I just deleted them yesterday (because, while they’re neat to have, it’s not as if I actually listened to them.) I’m interested in the story of how you found these as well!

    I found the album in Usenet back in 2002 and posted a brief mention of it and a single MP3. From time to time, I still get a request from an obsessed Spiner Femme looking for a copy. It’s weird enough that I figured other people would like to hear it, too.

    Brent, if you’re out there, get in touch!

    We are going to settle in with a glass of Duvel and listen to this fine album now. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    I’m not sure I want to admit something like this about myself on the Internet, but back in the early 90s the specialty Sci-Fi vendors used to sell these at Star Trek conventions, along with other Sci-Fi related items.

    I got the cassette version the day it was released. Still got it, but I don’t have a cassette player. I’ve searched for the songs that I can download dozens of times over the past 5 years. I finally found this page.

    Thankz! He’s got a wonderful voice.

    Thx so much for the mp3s. I spent months in searching for a cheaper way of getting the songs!

    This is awesome!! I love these songs! I’m sending this site to my friends! Thanks for posting them!!

    I bought this years ago. I had no idea it was so rare. I saw it in Barnes & Noble in the last year for under $20. Wish I’d picked up another copy.

    I followed Brent’s career for many years untill I attended a convention. What is he up too now?


    you’re so kind!

    i’m not familiar with most of the song,

    but brent’s voice made me feel at home listening to them.

    Help, I would like to download Brent Spiner’s songs, but have NO idea of how to go about it. I do have a mp3 player. Any help would be much appreciated.

    It’s as if you read my mind, as i’ve been wanting to track down the Sunspots’ version of “It’s A Sin” for several months now. (no luck on file sharing sites)

    Thanks! 🙂

    I remember when this album was first released. It caught only minor attention but it was around for a long time until it became out of print. Prices in the secondary market skyrocketed to an unaffordable range for most. It has not been available anywhere on-line unitl this “release”. I am so grateful as I kicked myself many times for not having bought this, not because of making a profit but for the music. Spiner is a very accomplished theatrical singer. The connection to Star Trek is also endearing, especially the number that Spiner featured his Star Trek friends. All the songs are familiar classic show tunes or jazz vocal numbers. Spiner’s style is not far from Nat King Cole’s but the characteristics of his voice is younger and brighter than Cole’s. Spiner’s recent CD issue also received good reviews. Thanks so much for this offering on-line.

    Oh my God!! I just LOVED it!!!!! What a voice! What a style! I’m in love!!!

    Thank you for sharing this songs! I’m a great fan of Brent Spiner but I’m from Brazil and rare albuns like this are hard to find here…

    Thanks, thanks, thanks sooooooooooo much!!!

    ^^ Thanks so much for these!

    I’m actually new to the Star Trek fandom, and Spiner’s characters (Data especially, of course) are fast becoming my favorite. It’s very cool to have this for those that never got the chance to buy it.

    Thank you so much for sharing this. i have been wanting to hear this for ages.. its great for those like myself who don’t want to/have the cash to fork out the prices it goes for now.. thank you.. you have made my day..

    This is amazing! I love his current album (Dreamland) and had heard he did ol’ yellow eyes… its great to be able to hear it!

    Wow … I just found this, and I love it! I’d never heard of it before, so thank you for posting it in it’s entirety!

    I’m having trouble getting the tracks, when I click on the track links it just takes me to anotherpage and I get an “error on page” message… any suggestions? I’d so love to add these songs to my collection, I can’t stop listening to Dreamland!

    Jen, don’t “left click” on the track links. You need to “right click” and select, “save as,” (or “save link as,” then save them to your computer.

    Thank You…like you’ve never heard it before. I looked for this CD when it first came out. It was in such short supply. It was always gone by the time I tried to buy it. A couple of years passed

    when I tried again, only to find it out of print.

    While watching Star Trek:Nemesis, I went to the web….found your site and felt very lucky.

    Thx so much for this!!! I cant stop listening to it and crying lol. It’s just fantastic. Btw can u put dreamland here too? i cant find it anywere :(( The netherlands sucks….

    Wow, thank you for these! He’s got an amazing voice, it’s a real pleasure to listen to these standards.

    I got a cassette tape of this over 15 years ago, but it got stuck in my cassette player and got ruined. I’m so glad I found this site- the downloads are wonderful!

    Thank You for having this up.

    I have had Time After Time on my computer for years, but have always wanted the entire album. I found myself almost buying it for $40 on amazon today. glad I didn’t 🙂

    Thank you so much! I had this on cassette, which I wore out years ago (it literally fell apart) and I kept looking for a download everywhere.

    I really appreciate you sharing this.

    I love Brent Spiner as an actor and now as a musician. Thanks for posting!!!!

    Dear Andy, thank you for this gift. I love Star Trek and specially Lt. Data. Right now, I am watching a The Next Generation, when Data have a dream about his Father, Dr. Soon.

    Thank you!!!


    P.S. Excuseme for my very poor english.

    Ok, he’s got an ok voice, but the vibrato is making me nuts. WAY over used. I don’t mind a touch or two here or there for artistic expression, but it seems like any note that’s sustained for any length of time is getting the vibrato treatment and I can’t take it…

    Love Spiner, but this album- not so much.

    Thank you for posting this!!!! I remember looking for this years ago, but I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE.

    Thanks again!!

    Aww, mate, thanks for this.

    I’m such a fan of Spiner but I’ve never been able to afford the album.

    Thanks SO much.

    I got the cassette in 1991 when the album came out. I was at a convention in Atlantic City and he was one of the featured actors. I love this and this is the first time I have seen any of the music online. Thank you

    Thank-you so much! The secondary market prices for this CD are way out of my budget and I didn’t think I’d ever be able to hear these beautiful songs!

    Thank you so much, whoever! My mom and I share a passion for Star Trek and it’s long been a dream of mine to give her “Ol’ Yellow Eyes” for Mother’s Day– now I can share this resource with her. She’ll be delighted! Cheers!

    Thanks so much for posting this! He is such a talented person! Hubby and I love him on Star Trek and his acting/singing in “Out to Sea!” What a great vehicle for his comedic talents.

    Thank you for sharing! I just picked up the ST-TNG blu-ray set and never knew about this album until watching the extras. Being a big ST fan and a jazz and standards nut I had to have this. Was bummed I couldn’t buy it as I would love to support Brent, but at least now I can enjoy this. Thanks again!

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