Geek Valentines

Looks like Digg found a copy of the Tetris valentine I’ve been hosting on my server since February 2006. The original was created by Mitch at the wonderful 4 Color Rebellion gaming blog, but when I tried to redirect the requests to their original entry, the traffic shut down their server in a few minutes.

So if you’re looking for the valentine, here it is. Click it to see a full-size, print-quality version on 4 Color Rebellion’s site, and see their other 2006 Geek Valentines.

And if you like those, don’t miss 4 Color Rebellion’s geek valentines for last year and this year! In 2007, they made adorable Phoenix Wright, Nintendo DS, Wii, and Metroid Prime valentines. This year, it’s a set of valentines for Dr. Mario, Mario Galaxy, and Wii.

In case you’re 14 years old, relatively new to the Internet, and/or coming from Digg, here are a bunch of other two-year-old links you might have missed: Halo Babies, Ze Frank’s On Valentine’s Day, A Very Star Wars Valentines, All Your Heart Candy Are Belong To Us, a set of vintage 1980s Valentines including Mario, Zelda, and TMNT, vector art of Ralph Wiggum’s valentines, more original Nintendo valentines, and nothing woos a lady like romantic Perl poetry. Want something more fresh? New this year are the Team Fortress 2 valentines, Ironic Sans’ Scientist Valentines, Jacks of Science’s Science Valentines, Diesel Sweeties’ E-Cards 2.0, a DIY pulsating LED heart card, interlocking Moebius strip hearts, and Woot’s superhero comic anti-valentines.


    It would appear that All Saints ( are using the tetris heart as one of their T-shirt designs (search their site for ‘Adoration’). I do hope that they had permission to do so…

    Hey Waxy! Thanks for linking back to the other cards! I don’t care that I wasn’t credited, but, it’s great to see that people can see the recent ones I did. 🙂

    However, Greg – thanks for bringing that to my attention! Ahah, they stole that from me! I was completely unaware of that t-shirt until, well, now! It’s verbatim the image that I made, minus the block going down towards the center.

    This has taken me completely by surprise – anyone has free reign to edit these things, but these guys have been making 40 quid on my design! And worst of all, they applied that horrible faux vintage look to it!

    I wonder if I can get some free stuff out of this…

    absolutely you should/can get royalities from them – and don’t stop until you do – ain’t nothing you can say about folks like that, but ‘dirty, dirty, dirty’. You wonder how many other designs they’ve stolen.

    Awesome work incidentally – very, very cool.

    It’s a card from a guy to a guy right?…

    I mean, the heart looks like it is symbolizing butt cheeks, and the 4 piece straight block is a…..

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