Beware lemmings, those who are incapable of thinking for themselves, and the people who take advantage of these people.

    Beware of anonymous soothsayers incapable of seeing last night’s election for what it is: a testament to democratic ideals and participatory government, and the very deliberate and thoughtful decision to nominate the better candidate by a sweeping majority of Americans.

    Any more anonymous comments (i.e. without a real name and/or homepage link) will be removed.

    Pay no attention to the NAYSAYERS! Keep CELEBRATING and looking FORWARD to the FUTURE!!

    AND, be ready to WORK when this wonderful man raises his right hand on JANUARY 20!

    And by work do you mean paying more in taxes, paying more for goods and services because those who run the businesses are passing on the tax increases in the form of higher prices?

    And by work do you mean paying more for energy prices because other companies know that we will not work to produce our own energy sources?

    If that’s work, I’m glad to be like the one lady who feels that her mortgage and gas will be paid for because Lord knows I’ll be unable to afford either.

    Last night and today, I feel so much hope. I feel so much pride. I feel like my one vote was a single drop of water in a great Tsunami of change. I feel like I was one of a million voices screaming in the night, “I love my country and I’m taking it back!” I’m so proud of the country that I love and have so much hope in my heart that we can together heal the wounds that have been such a source of pain and anger to us all. No more living in fear. No more living in hate. We can overcome! Yes we can!

    I know Obama isn’t going to fix the economy overnight. I know he won’t be able to provide healthcare to all Americans by February ’09. I know Obama isn’t a Messiah who four years from now will have turned this country into a fabled utopia, but I also know Obama will make moral decisions. I know Obama will try to unite where others try to divide. I know Obama will help to make America the beacon of hope it once was to others. I know that at 46 years of age, I witnessed one of the most important and hopefully glorious chapters in American history.

    I know hope. We can overcome! Yes we can! God bless you, God Bless Barack Obama, and may God Bless the United States of America!

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