Robin Hood's "Oo De Lally," Translated Into 16 Languages

There’s something enchanting about these localized versions of Roger Miller’s “Oo De Lally” from Disney’s Robin Hood from 1973. While all of these videos were found on YouTube, each was created by a different person around the world. (Bonus points if you can find the Japanese, Chinese, and Norwegian versions. Got ’em all! Thanks, everyone.) April 7: Added Hebrew, but YouTube removed the Arabic version… Anyone have it? November 12: Added Finnish and Danish, but still missing Arabic.

August 1, 2012: These keep getting knocked offline, but this video captured 16 languages into a single video.

Original in English

Portuguese, “O-La-Ri-Lo-Le”

Italian, “Urca Tirulero”

Arabic, “Ya hallouli ya hallawa” (removed by YouTube, anyone have a copy?)

Russian, “Tirly Tirly Truly Truly”

French, “Oh de Lali”

Dutch, “Jodeladie Jodelee”

Spanish, “¡Que día más feliz!”

Swedish, “Oo-de-lally”

German, “Oo-de-lally”

Catalán, “Durul·lari”

Norwegian, “Holititten holitatten” (thx, Marcus)

Japanese, “オー・ディ・レイリー” (thx, Grant!)

Chinese (thx, chimara!)

April 7: Thanks to Tommynka, here’s the Hebrew version. This list is now comprehensive, with every version of the video ever recorded. Thanks, Internet!

November 12: Two more, courtesy of Tobias in the comments:

Danish, “Oo-De-Lally”

Finnish, “Oo-De-Lally”

August 15, 2011: Fixed the broken ones I could find. If any more disappear, this video archives 16 of them, including the missing Arabic version.


    Thanks for posting these. They’re good fun. I have watched a lot of the ones from the Lion King. (Zulu is cool, as is Cantonese.) It’s interesting to see how cultures collide in stuff like this.

    This made me so happy! This Robin Hood is one of my favorite childhood movies and this song always makes me grin like a fool. The Dutch version is my favorite!

    That really took me back. I used to watch this movie over and over as kid. Hope that doesn’t make me a furry 😛

    Anyways, here’s the Brazilian Portuguese Version. You’ll find that the lyrics have no “oo de lally”, but it’s a nice version anyway.

    Grant: Thanks! I saved the Nicovideo and reuploaded it to YouTube for my post, but YouTube removed it, so I’m hosting it on my own server. Now we’re only missing the Chinese version!

    Martinator: Ah, I actually have the Portuguese version above. Thanks, though!

    I think it’s hilarious that the German version is slowed down so all the extra syllables won’t sound rushed.

    I have had the english version of the song on my voicemail message for 2 years now, its garnered quite the response and reaction. I enjoyed playing all the videos at the same time…the tower of babel in muted vintage tones and the last of good Disney animation.

    I have never seen Disney’s “Robin Hood,” so haven’t a clue about “Oo de lally.”

    Who says or sings it and in what context in the movie?

    Harriet: “Oo De Lally” is the very beginning of the film, sung by the narrator Alan-a-Dale, the traveling minstrel played by Roger Miller. It’s mostly a device to quickly introduce the characters. I’d recommend buying or renting it, but of course, the whole thing’s available online too.

    This was my favorite movie as a kid. I love this post! I put a link to it on Harriet, the song was sung by the Rooster/Narrator/minstrel voiced by Roger Miller. He tells the story of Robin and his merry men – um – creatures.

    If I recall correctly (and I should, my brother loved it to bits as a kid), Robin Hood was dubbed into Hebrew as well.

    Sadly, I can’t find that bit anywhere on the tubes, and since video editing skills are nonexistent, I can’t chop up a pirated version to help with your collection…

    The phonetic writing of the Arabic version is “Ya hallouli ya hallawa” – which actually isn’t completely nonsense: Ya hallawa means Oh sweetness and with the matching nonsensical first part, is actually a really pretty phrase.

    Do any of the other versions mean anything or are they all nonsense words?

    Hey Andy, the link for the Chinese version has every Disney movie ever made from Snow White to Bolt translated into Chinese. You definitely just made the week for my entire class.

    OMG I laughed so hard, thank you!!! It took me back in time!..I’m studying foreign languages, so it really caught my attention! However, someone posted the link of the brazilian portuguese language, I heard it and it’s a bit different from the european portuguese version you had…I think you should post it too! 🙂

    I loved Robin Hood – it was one of the better ‘modern’ Disney cartoons, I thought.

    These alternative versions are fun – I particularly liked the Norwegian one – and it’s fascinating how they manage to keep the tune, and still get all the right words in. Presumably! LOL!

    What a great side-by-side translation study! Loved listening to the dutch version. It makes me want to watch the whole movie in dutch.

    Wow. I loved that! It’s such an under-rated movie! I’m so glad that it even was translated that many times! I want to go find my VHS tape and watch it now. It was such a staple when I was a kid!

    This is wonderful! Robin Hood has to be my favourite Disney film; I still love it – and in its own right, not just for the nostalgia. It’s innocent, playful, and full of warmth.

    The Norwegian version sounds like complete, charming nonsense to me. It must be the whimsical way the guy sings it… fits the spirit of the song perfectly.

    This post rekindled my fond childhood memories of watching this on VHS when visiting some relative or parental-friend. So much so that I’ve just dropped £30 to buy the Shiny Silver Ownership Tokens of this and three other Disney movies!

    Your Arabic Version no longer works. You might want to find and update that. I was rather disappointed because I was excited to hear what “Ya hallouli ya hallawa” sounds like.

    Dammit. Well, I’ve saved all the others locally in case any more are pulled from YouTube. Anyone out there have a copy of the Arabic version?

    This was my favorite movie as a kid. My sister sent me this link knowing I would love it. Thanks for finding all of these, they made my night.

    too bad the Arabic version is no longer there! I loved it… should’ve saved it when I had the chance…

    The lyrics, by the way, are:

    روبن هود وصاحبه جون يتمشوا في الغابة

    حبة ضحك وحبة لعب والنسيم عليل

    فاكر دي طب فاكر ديه ويطبوا في المية

    يا حلوللي يا حلاوة أما يوم جميل

    ولا جِه في بالهم أي حاجة غير سعادة وألاجة عيشة أمن وسلام

    مش عارفين إن التعابين أهي مستنية جنب المية وفجأة حيرموهم بالسهام

    روبن هود وصاحبه جون هربوا وسط الغابة

    جريوا ونطوا اتشالوا اتحطوا والطريق طويل

    عدوا الحجرة وطلعوا الشجرة واستخبوا فوقيها

    يا حلوللي يا حلاوة أما يوم جميل

    يا حلوللي يا حلاوة أما يوم جميل

    Thanks to this post, I’ve drifted to the Swedish version of Can You Feel The Love Tonight, a song I PARTIALLY downloaded back when Napster was free and illegal. YouTube is great about suggesting things I’ll love. I really like the Swedish Timon’s voice. As a result, I’ve also found the Swedish Hakuna Matata! I already know that song in 5 languages, thanks to Napster.

    I need to watch Robin Hood again. It’s probably been 20 years, and I’m 27! I only remember one scene from that entire movie.

    Thank you for making my day! I live in China now, and this still is one of my favorite movies ever. I just sat here and laughed with glee hearing the Chinese version.

    What a bonus – this one wasn’t even on my list! Ya see I am searching constantly for Mandarin content as I am trying to teach my 2 year old Mandarin with no knowledge myself. Just wanted to thank chimara though i suspect they’ll never get the thanks. Nicki I wish I’d stumbled in sooner.

    What a great sandbox

    Christian Unruh

    [email protected]

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