Meme Scenery

So I had this silly idea to isolate the backgrounds from famous Internet memes, removing all the subjects from every photo or video. I’m pretty happy with the results.

Like Jon Haddock’s porn sans people, these photos are banal out of context. Only someone familiar with the original memes would sense something’s amiss, like the set of a play waiting for the actors to stumble into history.

Can you name all 22 23? (Click any image for the answer.)

The following seven are by Drew Bell:

By tonyb:

By Alan Taylor:

By Dystopos:

By Jesse Burgheimer:

By Scott Helgeson:


    Wow, what a great idea. Kittens Inspired by Kittens is really creepy. WTF *is* that chair for?

    This is great. It’s essentially just looking at the environments people choose to film as they sing daft songs. I’ve never seen that porn one either, and it’s the same, almost worse. Of course, none of those are done in flash.

    3rd to last: Ah, good. Safe to fap.

    For some reason, the Numa Numa one really sticks out here for some reason. Such an ordinary room with nothing special about it at all… but instantly recognizable.

    This is awesome, thanks.

    Initially I was pleased that I could guess them all correctly, but that happiness soon turned to sadness as I looked back on a wasted life…

    This is an extremely clever concept, and I’m glad to see it was executed just as well 🙂

    Haha, I had a smile going down the list as I recognized each room/setting like an old friend. It would be like walking onto the empty set of a classic sitcom.

    It appears that ceiling cat is no longer interested in watching me pleasure myself. *sigh*

    Great bit of work Andy. I also am a mildly disturbed that I recognize most, if not all, of them.

    I should know more of these since me and my wife spend probably to much of our time watching vids together. Interesting idea, it is amazing how burned into our brain these videos are we can identify them without the personality(ies) involved in making them popular. Was that an idea a sort of internet social experiment?


    .1 for each I’ve SEEN but couldn’t recognize from the picture alone.

    I got a few, could you post the solutions, I’m curious to know the ones I missed

    I’ve never been rick’rolled before. That said, you know which is the one I’ve missed. Now I lost the game.

    I couldn’t stomach staring at Goatse, Tubgirl, or 2 Girls 1 Cup in Photoshop for an hour. If you can, send it in.

    Its so sad that I knew all of them except 2. Never saw the dynamite or the air humping one, but wow lol.

    What is that chair in the kittens vid? Is it a torture device or something? Maybe to restrain that hyper kid..

    I’m happy to say that I can’t name a single one, though Alan Taylor’s cut-out looks like a tribute to Ceiling Cat. LOL!

    What a wonderfully eccentric post!

    Love ’em. Missed the Orson Welles outtake from the Paul Masson swill ads, though. One of my favorites.

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