Google+ Search API Weirdness

I’m doing some testing with the Google+ Search API, and it seems like it’s completely broken. Can anyone else confirm?

Try searching for something popular using the Google+ API, ordered by recent. Here’s a test for ‘iphone’. For me, the most recent result was 25 minutes ago. (Your results may vary, depending on time.)

Now, do the same search on Google+ itself, and click the “Most recent” link to only show recent posts.

At first, Google+ shows the same sparse results of relatively outdated posts… Then, slowly, it populates with newer posts from the last couple minutes.

Unfortunately, I can’t figure out a way for the Google+ API to show those newer posts. Any help? Any Googlers out there able to help out?


    This could well be a function of the database clustering configuration. The API will not be able to fetch remote node results as it needs to respond quickly to queries.

    Using the web front end the other results can be returned later by keeping an AJAX channel open.

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