Listen to MEEE

Ever wanted to hear me blather on about different subjects for hours? You’re in luck! I’ve been invited on a number of podcasts recently, and for some reason, never mentioned it here.

This is just as much for my own records, but hey, here are all the podcasts I’ve spoken on lately. I just fixed your boring commute for a week!

The Crapshoot, November 14, 2013

Jesse Holden and Metafilter’s Josh Millard invited me to come shoot the crap in his basement. On the ride there, I tried to pick up some Four Loko, but found something so much better—Joose, 22 ounces of 12% ABV sickly-sweet malt beverage that tastes like Jolly Rogers soaked in turpentine. We ended up chatting for nearly two hours about Kind of Bloop, XOXO, my crazy Sunset Strip childhood, and weird experiments I’ve run on my son. A good time was had by all.

Let’s Make Mistakes, October 23, 2013

After Mule Radio’s Let’s Make Mistakes spent three consecutive episodes discussing this year’s XOXO, cofounder Mike Monteiro asked me to come on the show. I talked about what we learned from mistakes made during our registration process, the challenges of running an inclusive event, and the value of criticism.

The New Disruptors, June 19, 2013

Leading up to XOXO, Glenn Fleishman asked Andy McMillan and me to come on the podcast that we inspired him to start the year before. We talked about the previous year and what we were planning to follow it up.

Quit!, June 19, 2013

Andy McMillan and I went on Dan Benjamin’s show about quitting your day job and working on things you love, and had a great conversation about XOXO and our respective projects.

If you got this far, you probably have a miserable commute or just really, really love podcasts. So, you’re probably already listening to 99% Invisible, This American Life, Bullseye, and Radiolab.

Here’s three more that I’ve enjoyed lately:

The New Disruptors is basically XOXO: The Podcast, a weekly interview by Glenn Fleishman with indie artists and makers using the network to make a living.

Welcome to Night Vale is like NPR in the Twilight Zone, the community radio station for a fictional desert town. I’m kind of surprised how many people I talk to that still have never heard of this.

How to Do Everything, in which listeners send Mike Danforth and Ian Chillag their questions about life and they find experts to answer them.