Every Lonely Sandwich Video At The Same Time

Adam Lisagor’s pioneered a style of promotional video that’s changed how startups market themselves. They exude a nerdy cool, clearly showing the product or service, explaining why it matters and why you should use it with a deadpan sense of humor.

I never feel like they’re selling to me, and Adam seems to only make videos for stuff he loves, turning Sandwich Video into a stamp of approval for great new things.

For me, the best Sandwich Videos are the ones with Adam himself. They always make me want to give him a hug, and then hand him all my money.

As a tribute, here’s every single video featuring Lonely Sandwich as pitchman in chronological order. At the same time.


    I didn’t know there was a comment form here. Also, this youtube video has begun autoplaying of its own volition.

    Okay ,now that was a bit confusing,but fabulous enough to be curious about everything that went on in each individual mini screen. As soon as I heard the music from the group: Hot Butter song: Popcorn in the midst of the video’s,I was intrigued! Those sandwiches won’t be alone to long….company coming. 🙂

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