Attenzione, Pickpocket! the NYT profiles the woman going viral on TikTok for outing pickpockets on the streets of Venice #
identiFIVE incredibly annoying daily puzzle, try to find the only five-letter word in a 9x9 grid of letters (via) #
Human Shader over 1,500 people have manually calculated RGB values to collectively make a shader with human brain power # searchable frontend to the Flashpoint preservation project, archiving 145,000 Flash games playable with the Ruffle emulator (via) #
Storehouse-A from 2021 but new to me, a Nethack/Rogue-inspired virtual exhibition of interactive visual poetry #
Chip Player JS open-source chiptune player with over 200k songs in a variety of tracker/console formats, turn on the visualizer and hit shuffle #
Adam Pickets Everything Jacobin talks to Adam Conover about his activism on the picket line and social media during the writers' strike (via) #
Fudge like an inverse Tetris, where you remove single blocks to let the correct bricks fall down (via) #
Hank Green has some good news Johnson & Johnson will allow generic versions of its life-saving TB drug in lower-income countries, and Hank's cancer is responding well to treatment #
Legal Lullabies it takes over 50 minutes to read the Instagram Terms of Use out loud, an extremely effective sleep aid (via) #
Super Aja 64 my new jam is MIDI versions of Steely Dan's Aja, but with every instrument replaced by the Mario 64 soundfont #