The First $20 Million

The film adaptation of Po Bronson’s The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest is slated for a limited release on June 28. Originally written in 1995, it sounds like the screenplay was heavily changed to avoid being horribly dated. The story now takes place after the bubble burst instead of during the long short boom, and the product has changed from a sub-$300 computer to some sort of “hologram machine.”

They should have tried to create a snapshot of the era instead of hopelessly modernizing it. I mean, who funds hologram machines these days?


    Wild! I read that book!

    And it doesn’t bother me that they changed it to a hologram company. I thought the story was more of a geek character study — about how they handled the pressures in their life, both professional and personal.

    Here’s the movie’s IMDB listing.

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