Simpsons Smoking on Thai TV

From this unusual page about the Simpsons in Thailand, check out the three censored screen grabs of Patty and Selma. In addition to banning smoking in most public places, the Thailand government mandated a ban on depictions of smoking on television. Still, California is stricter on one count: you can smoke in bars and nightclubs in Thailand. (Found while searching for this Simpsons sound clip.)


    The funniest example of this nonsense was in a Thai-sreened episode of the Sopranos.

    Tony Soprano is in lying in bed, holding a big Cuban cigar beside his left hip. His mistress leans forward to light it for him. As her head disappears into the pixellated area, it looks like she’s performing a service of an entirely different nature.

    I can’t imagine what Thai family audiences made of that.

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