Warez File List from 1995

Some time in 1995, a year or so after I had embraced the Web, I slowly lost interest in local BBSes completely. This January 1995 file list (518 KB text) comes from the Cajun’s Corner BBS in Ventura, California; probably the last warez board in the 805 area code. I used to save the file lists for offline browsing. This was the last I ever downloaded.

Among the “Elite” files are Ecstatica, System Shock, and the September 1994 build of the Chicago beta 1 (later dubbed Windows 95).

Funny… Every file uploaded to the BBS, including those that stayed offline on tape backups, would have fit on a measly three gig drive. (If you’re interesting in playing any of the games on that list, try the Underdogs.)


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