The Audioscrobbler plugin for Winamp/XMMS aggregates listening habits by tracking the artists/songs you’ve listened to, and comparing that information with all of the other users in the database. If this catches on, a system like this would be a really effective way to discover new artists and find people with similar tastes. (My personal stats.)

A simple idea, but brilliant. (Thanks, Cameron.)

Update: Audioscrobbler’s service provider took the site offline because of increased bandwidth usage. The site’s creator is looking for a new host.


    One of the users is making an iTunes plugin right now, and RJ just finished the XMMS plugin. Up next, RSS/XML syndication of playlists.

    Syndication of playlists will be a great feature… and I’m assuming that at some point there will be a plugin for Winamp 3.

    As great as it is, this thing does have it’s limitations though… especially when dealing with improperly named mp3s, etc… although it seems that most of the data being gathered is okay (especially if you don’t mind strings like “Some Album – nn – Some Song” in the song name field).

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