The $125,000 Tattoo

You might remember the sad story of Richard Goddard Jr. and David Winkleman, the stepfather/stepson that sued an Iowa radio station for failing to pay them each $125,000 to permanently tattoo the station’s logo on their foreheads (photo!).

According to a new article, Richard Goddard Jr.’s problems didn’t end with the unfortunate tattoo. Unable to find a job because of his tattoo and a history of legal trouble, Goddard was “really upset,” his grandmother said.

After several weeks of hearing him complain, his roommates at the Kershaw Trailer Park did something about it. They tried to kill him; first by hanging, then by beating his face with a ball-peen hammer.

(Thanks to Packphour for the original tip. Ananova, eat your heart out.)


    “Alcohol may have contributed to the incident, police said”.

    Once again the anti-alcohol propagandists rear their ugly sober heads.

    I would think, even if you had the mindset of removing it with some of the money you were paid, the laser scars wouldnt look so great either. As far as his roomates were concerned, I feel maybe they were just psycho paths to begin with! Zoiks or jeenkies or somethin’

    If I had to listen to his whining for weeks on end, I’d try to kill his dumb ass too!

    Love you Americans, I’m surprised the tatooist actually got the call letters right.

    Preserve the trailer parks

    Jerry Springer forever

    93 Rock the radio station is in Iowa, but those dummies are from Illinois. FYI Colona is Colona, Illinois. Also FYI Jerry Springer is taped in Chicago, Illinois. Coincidence? I think not.

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