If you can read this, you’re sitting too close to your monitor. (For those of you arriving late to the party, my homepage was displayed at 50% scale for the whole day.)

In other news on this lovely April 1:

Google buys Metafilter

– Matt’s Script Archive merges with CPAN

– Joi Ito met the Pope

Tori Amos to play Mary Poppins

– Aaron abandons Google for Overture

– From Slashdot: the Evil Bit RFC, Gentoo switches to RPM, whitespace-only programming language, Distrowatch loves Windows XP, anti-cracker application for PC/Mac, Enlightenment goes gold, new Lord of the Rings movie delayed

– From the Mefi thread: The End of Free gets ads, Chris Pirillo gets blurry, Thinkgeek’s new products, DC Comics buys Elfquest, SomethingAwful’s boring fetish

– From the K5 thread: WinXPHints

Word 5.1 for OS X

– Honda’s Mecha car salesman

– gives up on the format

Dave Matthews fan site changes to John Mayer fan site (is there a meaningful difference?)

Bradlands goes Brady Bunch

– Inmate wins freedom in new reality show

Movable Bloggerland

Phonescoop covers Nokia’s rotary cell phone and Samsung’s Gollum Phone

– New BBEdit pricing option

– Teevee’s brilliant Reality Network

Digital Web displayed upside-down and backwards

More April 1 updates throughout the day.


    Or a browser that can enlarge text in 2 keystrokes. Go Moz.

    Gotta love ‘Whitespace’. Python and Brainfuck combined … a horrible, horrible trick.

    Bill Gates to Lead New Private Mars Effort


    April 1st – In a stunning announcement made today, many of the world’s leading financial barons will fund a new program of human Mars exploration and will launch a piloted mission by 2010. The group also hopes to claim the entire planet using existing laws,

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