Randall Hyde is pioneering a new musical genre called Parodeities, biblical parodies of popular secular songs. The MP3 recordings are rough — Randall has no formal vocal training and he’s accompanied only by downloaded MIDI files — but the results are charming, like outsider art.

Highlights: “God’s Filled Ya” (Blue Oyster Cult’s “Godzilla”), “Welcomed by the Devil” (Guns ‘n Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle”), and “Takin’ Care of Jesus” (BTO’s “Takin’ Care of Business”). The cover art is cute, too. (via the Yeti)


    Holy hell. This guy was one of my professors my freshman year of college. He taught our assembly language class. One of the best teachers I’ve ever had.…just…weird.

    Wow…side note, a band called Apologetix has 5+ CDs out, and has been around for more years than I’ve been alive. They’ve even done some stuff with weird al. I just wanted to give props to them too.

    Anyone ever listen to that Pat Boone disgrace “In a Metal Mood”, it’s just painful (but funny too). You may have heard a glimpse in The Ozbournes, doing “Crazy..but thats how it goes…”

    I know Randy from an ApologetiX fan club. I’m a fan of that band so its really awesome to see their name here 🙂 They put on a pretty good show; J makes sure every syllable is nearly the same and he can do voices that you can’t even tell are fake; ranging from Shaggy to the BeeGees.

    Smooth Grandmama (Smooth Criminal)

    Granny likes to crochet

    And Cro-quet

    And quote dear Abby

    Granny causes road-rage

    In the slow-lanes

    She’s no Andretti

    Granny’s got the whole-day

    To go-pray

    For all her family

    You’ve been struck’ve been hit by..

    A smooth Grandmama

    On second reading, the comments come off as “trying to be polite” rather than “gushing”. My apollogies.

    Apologetix really are very talented and often hilarious…whether you’re a bible-thumping geek or not. The Weird Al link is that Weird Al’s drummer played on one of their CDs.

    In the Jewish world, these kinds of tunes have been around for years. They are called Schlock Rock, and there are several popular groups that have put out serious CDs of their efforts.

    There’s one based on “Born in the USA” about Americans moving to Israel.

    The old hit, “Windy”, has been changed to a nice tune about the great medieval Jewish scholar, Rashi.

    For kids, there are a large variety of selections that teach the importance of good character traits, by such artists as Uncle Moshe, Uncle Velvel, and Suki and Ding.

    I have a web page with some parodeities I wrote. The address is…

    I would especially welcome Christian musicians to check out the web page.

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