Madonna's P2P Bombing

People who try to download tracks off of the new Madonna album from peer-to-peer networks will likely get an MP3 full of silence, prefixed by this short personal message from Madonna (150Kb MP3). More information from Dotmusic. Thanks to for the file.

Update: Using the MP3 I posted, several people have created remixes that use the Madonna sample heavily.


    Arg… I’m quite tired of Madonna… she is successful only because of those people who work on her album and the complex image she maintains. Like this.

    The short personal message is great; I’ll convert it to a .wav and make it the new error response on my system. I could care less about her music anyway. Wouldn’t have bought it even if it were convenient to check it out as an MP3 first.

    As I read this entry I just finished downloading the new Madonna track and wondered if she or I was ripped off. It was her. Copyright seems silly to me.

    [from my post @ BlogCritics]

    Another problem with MadDonna’s overdub, is that what was a legitimate stream @ MTV’s The Leak had the overdub as well.

    Hey MadDonna, What the fuck do I think I was doing? Listening to your new album as I was thinking of buying it…until you decided that I was doing something wrong! After the third track of being asked what I was doing, I stopped listening and decided I didn’t need to purchase the album from someone that was insulting me!

    BTW, MTV The Leak info was mailed to everyone that BOUGHT the American Life single MP3. So it wasn’t like WB didn’t know what was going on.

    hmm.. i love madonna, i would eat her diarrehea with a spoon and enjoy every last chucky, runny bit.

    well, the first hit I downloaded off Gnutella not only has the song but it’s a nice 192kbps rip! I wonder if madonna personally uploaded the mass of silent versions. She seems quite concerned about the virus of home taping…errr, digital piracy, or…mmm, what’s it called these days?

    I just wasted half my day hunting Kazaa for a version of this “short personal message” and only managed to clutter my hard drive with legitimate Madonna mp3s. Was very disturbing. Then I found this web site : )

    Wow, I bet she thought this was real clever. I found the “fake mp3 trick” mildly amusing the first time I saw it used, and a lot so the next 50 or so times. Simple fake tracks would have done as well as the rest of the record industry’s futile attempt at stopping piracy but that wouldn’t be pretentious and attention grabbing like everything else this woman ever does.

    Anybody who complains about getting a madonna mp3 full of silence, has a bigger problem, THEY LIKE MADONNA, ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    Its ironic shes complaining about people ripping off her music, when all she does is rip off other peoples talent and puts her name on it.

    Thanks for the Madonna “What the …” mp3. I just spent a long time downloading and only could get the legal copies. Unlike many others who have left messages, I find Madonna incredibly talented.

    Hey, great! I wanted this sample really bad,

    nice of you to host it here. I suppose it

    is legal to use, as the artist herself put

    it into the public domain?

    I hate madonna. I am gonna write about this in the essay i am doing for internet law, and how much she sucks.

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