California Extreme 2003

It’s that time again. This Saturday and Sunday, at the San Jose Convention Center. More than 350 classic arcade and pinball games, all set on free play. Panels by the original employees of Atari, Williams Pinball, Amiga and 3DO. I’ve driven to San Jose for the past five years, for one simple reason: California Extreme is the Best Thing Ever.

If you’re going, let me know.


    I’m there. Looking forward to playing some Elevator Action, Moon Patrol and Bump N Jump.. hopefully.

    On a completely unrelated note, is that a vectrex in the upper right habd corner of the page, they are classic.

    They had one like this in Houston just a month or so ago. So maybe you’ll see it in Ohio too.

    oh my god.

    i didn’t know.

    i just moved to california and this is exactly what i needed to make me feel at home. too bad i’m 6 hours south in la county…

    next year i’ll plan ahead.

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