Harv Was There

Best tombstone ever.

For the curious, I found this in Usenet’s alt.binaries.fonts group. Marked off-topic, it was titled “Unusual Cemetary Markers,” along with this second image: The Anti-Harv.


    Funny you should mention that… We had a big debate at the office about whether it was Photoshopped or not. The fonts are traditional engraver’s fonts, and the debris and material on the type look realistic enough. I say it’s real.


    LT Thomas Adams was a descendant of the presidents Adams and was the first killed in the Iraq war (he was with the British and the helicopter crashed).

    His tombstone, which he picked before deployment:


    Go LT Adams…..

    The second one is definitely photoshopped. Each of the letters are at a different angle, rather than the entire word–if that makes sense.

    They are both photoshopped, that is actually the back of the markers. Look at all of the others and you’ll see they have nothing on them.

    I agree that the second “Wham” one is Photoshopped, but I still think the Harv one is real. It’s just too bizarre for someone to bother faking.

    its photoshopped. if you look at the H and the A. look at the angle of the ‘-‘ in each letter and compare it to the angle of the tombstone……

    I love this headstone! I want one just like it -(in like 50 yrs lol!) I`ve been to over 200 concerts and actually seen 15 listed on Harv`s stone and met 3 of those 15 bands…..pretty cool concept!

    Neat Site

    more accurately, the HARV WAS THERE picture was photoshopped because the gravestone itself shows a small amount of a fish eye distortion. The straight edges of the stone are curved in the photo. But the letters themselves are strainght as a ruler, and do not follow the curve of the distortion.

    Sorry guys, its real. I livve in a town that

    makes theese things by the hundred. Maybe

    not that cool though.


    It looks rather convincing, except I am a bit confused on one of the bands. I see REO listed, which I can only take to have meant REO Speedwagon (given the “classic rock” theme of the remaining bands). This being said, would an ingraver have left off the speedwagon portion of this band, while not changing any of the other bands names to shortened versions (save ozzy, whom I would imagine needs no last name to insure familarity) My guess would be a photoshopper who didn’t doublecheck his work before publishing.

    Please tell me there’s an “eternal soundtrack” of songs from all the groups listed playing from speakers set up behind the tombstone. Nothing like visiting the grave of a loved one with “Girls Girls Girls” blasting at top volume.

    The second one must be fake(or at leased moderately edited by photoshop) because you can see through the top right corner of the stone…doesn’t quite make sense that you can see through granite unless you’re superman now does it?

    On the “Harv” tombstone, the words “WAS THERE” look particularly fake. I could believe the rest of the stone, but not those two words.

    Of course Rick Springfield and he definitly still rocks! I agree with the previous post that the “was here” was added to Harv. As for WHAM, I think it’s possible that it is the family name on the back of the tombstone, as in the one pictured right behind it.


    Harv’s the dude… He “was there” for FOUR of my FIVE favorite rock bands.

    QUEEN, STYX, RUSH, YES… (ELO is the other)

    May HARV rest in peace.

    Definitely fake. The image merge at the bottom of the tomb stone (bottom row of text) cuts off the bottom of letters like the L and J – from where they were blending colors. An engraver would never make that mistake.

    I agree with David. The line of text on the bottom is obviously missing the bottoms of some of the letters. FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!!

    I doubt this is Photoshopped, actually. If it was, the person who did was very detail oriented and clever. Who would have thought to include the 1980 Texas Jam on this last of concerts?

    WHAATT??? No way. I’m a rocker through and through. Here’s my favorite bands AC/DC, Van Halen not Van Hagar, Skynard, Def Lep…

    I don’t care if it’s photoshopped or not, this is genius. wow. I’ve seen three of those bands live (REO Speedwagon, Styx, Jefferson Starship) and love almost all the rest. Harv was a great man and I’m glad he could be remembered for something so important. This is what I want to be remembered for.

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