Bush's Corporate Grassroots Effort

George W. Bush’s “grassroots action site” launched today, though it’s about as grassroots as the Avril Lavigne street team. No RSS feeds or campaign weblog yet, but they offer news feeds for your “personal Web site or blog.” (And dig those crazy backwards breadcrumbs.)

Unsurprisingly, the website runs on Windows 2000/IIS. I noticed that Microsoft Exchange’s Webmail seems to be running on the box, too. Guess the password and win a first class ticket to federal prison!


    I’d like to insert some witty, burning comment here about the backwards breadcrumbs, but I’m too busy giggling about it to get in the proper mindset. I’ll owe it to you. 😀

    Apparently they need to rip off original and real grassroots campaigns, it’s so, so, artificial feeling. Best part is the “why I support Bush” set. Thanks for the heads up.

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