MAME Online with Kaillera

Lately, I’ve been playing classic arcade games over the Internet using the MAME emulator and Kaillera. There’s nothing quite like crushing your friends or co-workers at a game of Joust, Bust A Move, or Gauntlet.

First, download the MAME32/Kaillera client for Windows. Install it, download some game ROMs into the appropriate directory, and you’re all set. If you want to set up a server, you’ll also need the Kaillera server.

The public servers are dominated by fighting games like the Street Fighter and King of Fighters series, but we’ve found that Kaillera is much more fun with classic games.

My list of recommended titles is below, and you can find all of these ROMs on Vega’s MAME site. If you can’t find a particular ROM, try looking up the ROM filename in (e.g. “”) and searching for it in Google. If you have any other multiplayer arcade recommendations, please post them.

2-Player Arcade: Puzzle Bobble (aka Bust-A-Move), Puzzle Bobble 2 (aka Bust-A-Move Again), Puzz Loop, Joust, Rampage, Marble Madness, Toobin’, Mario Bros.

4-Player Arcade: Gauntlet, The Simpsons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spiderman, X-Men, Sunset Riders, Super Sprint, Super Off Road


    spiderman! the 4 player one with hawkeye and the other guys(

    the teenage mutant ninja turtles games were pretty kickass

    Hi – where do i extract the files to, into the roms folder? I cant get the bleedi thing to work atm :/

    Nice site btw =]

    i set up a server too now. but i don’t know how to play a 4 player game. it always defaults to 2 player and I don’t see a way to change…

    hi, i am having a really hard time finding someone who can get me a copy of the MAME rom for Spider-Man: The Videogame (4 Player Sega 1991). can you please either direct me to a site that you 100% know has it for free download or get me a copy of it? this is my favorite arcade game of all time and i would really be grateful if you could help me out here. please email me back at: [email protected]

    I too have been trying to find SpiderMan:The video game made by Sega in 1991. I would happy if someone could find me a copy.

    Seems that the file isnt working with MAME at all i have tried all the versions of MAME but nothing works

    its simply dont show it on the available roms

    too bad that is a great game!

    You will never beat me in Joust. Look at the high scores on The 1st place on the list is ACR. Me!!!! It’d be nice to have some competition, though…

    dont u have a direct sie where i can get spiderman 1991 4 player for mame 32 .. a working one please email asap

    Tekken series… great to play online, so much fun (depends on which verisonu play)

    Whenever I try to join a server, a window that says “connecting…” pops up, but then nothing ever happens. My firewall is set to allow full access to kaillera and mame, and I’ve tried on 3 different pcs, but the same thing happens on all of them. I’ve tried all the different versions of kaillera and mame, but again, same thing. How do I fix this? Is anyone else able to play kaillera still or is the entire thing dead?

    when u add a game, do you just click play and then the player just joins in when youre playing or what?

    can someone fully explain how this works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    i m sorry can i download the sega snow bros game i love itplz plz plz plz write some website

    i was trying to install mame for three days ur version was so awesomely easy for a noob like me ty

    So nice info, thanks. I need looking other alternate after is out for now 😉

    anyone wanna play beat em ups like double dragon and golden axe then come to west wonderland on kaillera server.

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