InfocomBot Update

Looking for the InfocomBot? Partly because of the Wired News article this morning, both bots are continually exceeding AIM’s rate limits and getting kicked off the network.

I’m trying to contact someone at AOL Instant Messenger’s Developer services to inquire about lifting the rate limits. (If you know anyone at AOL that can speed up this process, please let me know!) I’m not expecting much, so I’m trying to implement a new system that supports queued messages and several more bots.

In the meantime, you can play most of the Infocom collection in your web browser. (Java required.)

July 13, 2004: At some point, someone at AOL must have quietly flipped the switch that protects Infocombot, because it can no longer be warned or exceed rate limits! Whoever you are, thank you so much.

Also, I fixed a bug that prevented quote marks from working in the games. This affected two games, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (when typing the Vogon poetry) and Zork II (in the Riddle Room). This is resolved.


    AOL put me in contact with a guy in their AIM Partners division. I left a message and am waiting for a callback. I’ll be sure to ask about bot warning if I ever hear from him.

    Just keep trying. I can’t wait for it to be online properly – this kind of thing is something I’ve been hankering for for a long long time.


    I contract for AOL, I highly doubt they’ll lift the ban for you. Well, they might, but they will need to have 30 meetings about it, so you may get something done, by late next year. I recommend that you create a bunch of AIM bots, that would be more efficient.

    infocombot4: Hello, this is infocombot4!  Sorry for the delay, how can I help you?
    Jeremy L 06: games
    Jeremy L 06: Hitchhikers_guide
    infocombot4: What game do you want to play?  Infocombot4 has many games.
    infocombot4: I do not have that game.
    Jeremy L 06: what games do you have?
    Jeremy L 06: hitchhikers_guide
    infocombot4: I have the following games:  Hangman, Guess a Number, and Guess Your Own Weight.
    infocombot4: I  do not have that game.
    Jeremy L 06: why not?
    Jeremy L 06: infocombot3 does.
    Jeremy L 06: Type a game to play:
    adventure, deadline, enchanter, hitchhikers_guide,
    leather_goddesses, lurking_horror, planetfall, shade,
    wishbringer, zork1, zork2, zork3
    infocombot4: infocombot3 is no concern is infocombot4.  I have the following games:  Hangman, Guess Your Own Weight.  Those who backtalk are not allowed to play Guess a Number.
    Jeremy L 06: why not??
    Jeremy L 06: Hangman
    Jeremy L 06: i want to play Hangman
    infocombot4: Hangman it is!
    infocombot4: Loading Hangman v2.3...
    Jeremy L 06: it better be
    infocombot4: Pick a topic:  1.) Sports, 2.) TV, 3.) Porn
    Jeremy L 06: 2.) TV
    infocombot4: Actor:  _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _
    Jeremy L 06: A
    infocombot4: _a_  _ _ _ a _ _
    Jeremy L 06: C
    Jeremy L 06: P
    Jeremy L 06: T
    Jeremy L 06: S
    infocombot4: You have been hanged.
    infocombot4: Game Over
    Jeremy L 06: Why have i been hanged?
    infocombot4: The answer was:  Cap Tsoasc
    Jeremy L 06: This is crap
    Jeremy L 06: you are crap
    infocombot4: Would you like to play again?
    infocombot4: Or play another game?
    Jeremy L 06: No.
    Jeremy L 06: No.
    Jeremy L 06: Hmmm.
    infocombot4: Infocombot4 will allow you to play Guess a Number.
    Jeremy L 06: Can you call me?  I want to help program this bot.
    Jeremy L 06: i worked with programming SmarterChild for AOL.
    infocombot4: Infocombot4 cannot make phone calls.
    infocombot4: Infocombot2 pays the phone bill.
    Jeremy L 06: Really?
    infocombot4: Yes.  He says Infocombots 1, 3, and 4 are not allowed to use the phone unless they fill in the time sheet next to the phone.
    infocombot4: Infocombot4 wants to move out.
    Jeremy L 06: Why don't You fill in the time sheet then?
    infocombot4: Infocombot4 is a grown man, not a child.
    infocombot4: I mean robot.
    Jeremy L 06: Hello Human.
    infocombot4: Infocombot means robot.  Shit.
    Jeremy L 06: You are not a bot.
    Jeremy L 06: You can't fool me.
    infocombot4: Infocombot4 is a sophisticated bot.

    This a Fake?


    Have you considered using DirectConnect? I don’t know how the AIM protocol works, though dc sounds like it would allow the client to send more messages.

    I’ve written AIM bots with the Perl modules before, and while I’m aware that the documentation do not say anything about direct connect, people like Trillian have been able to reverse engineer it. GAIM might have some code that can activate it.

    Thanks for all your hardwork, and keep it up.


    Jeremy L 06: Hi!

    Infocombot5: yo

    Jeremy L 06: you trying to impersonate a bot?

    Infocombot5: hmmm

    Jeremy L 06: it’s a [y]es or [n]o answer

    Infocombot5: [m]

    Jeremy L 06: oh, really?

    Jeremy L 06: I want to play a game

    Jeremy L 06: Hitchhikers_guide

    Infocombot5: i only know candy land

    Jeremy L 06: ok

    Jeremy L 06: I want to play “candy land”

    Infocombot5: you are in a forest of peppermint sticks

    Jeremy L 06: eat peppermint stick

    Infocombot5: peppermint stick melts in your mouth

    Jeremy L 06: look around

    Infocombot5: to the west you see a large ball of cotton candy

    Jeremy L 06: transport to cotton candy

    Infocombot5: you stand before the largest ball of cotton candy you’ve ever seen

    Jeremy L 06: Pour water all over cotton candy!

    Jeremy L 06: I die.

    Infocombot5: cotton candy explodes in a flash of light

    I’ve sent a couple of IM to InfocomBot but it didn’t work :)) what should I do?

    I haven’t seen the infocom bot’s up recently, either. Did they go down for good? for an upgrade? for awhile?

    Idiot kids continue to warn the bots offline, and they don’t come back online very well. I’m working on getting someone at AIM to help protect them permanently.

    Those fake exchanges crack me up. Are the bots still running? They are currently offline but I don’t know if that is permanent or just based on people warning the bots offline.

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